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Originally Posted by Words_of_Truth View Post
I played Empire a week or so ago and tomorrow I'm facing lizardmen, but I'm not altering my list with it in mind.
why not? given that you know your opponents army and possibly know what he may field against you? it makes sense to look at your list and your options does it not? i can see the sense of not tampering if your happy with what you have in your list and how it works, but to dismiss the idea that you shouldnt because of some notion that its some how low or unsportsman like seems well a bit silly.

dont get me wrong i can see loads of different sides to this, i myself have fielded loads of different "fluffy" weak as shit armies and been slaughtered, but for me the fun was turning up with stuff i wanted to see on the field( im a sucker for swooping hawks so shoot me), but at the same time i was also accused of not taking the game portion of the hobby seriously enough, by people who wanted me to put up an actual fight using units they knew i had access to but wasnt using because i had a pretty looking, well painted models, mincing around the battle field.

What im saying is given that your opponent next week knows hes facing you and may know your army he may well be tailoring his to meet you, you show up with the same old list you play week in week out he might think you are not taking him seriously ?

I dont know im just chucking out ideas, i just dont see altering your list for different armies and opponents as anything other than part of the game, i dont see it as low,if anything its part of the preparation for the game, tweaking and trying new stuff against people has always been something i quite liked about the game of 40k, but since the advent of fan forums there seems to be a culture of building one killer list and sticking to it.

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