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Just stumbled across this - Excellent work so far! It's nice to see another Black Legion painter ;)

In regards to the terminators, my one tip would be to lighten the bone bits a tad. They look quite yellow in the pictures (though that could be the photo quality as well) and could use a drybrushing of Bleached Bone or the like. Just to take the yellow down a bit.

As for the cultists, I would maybe do another highlighting of a more pale ski mixture of some kind. The shading looks awesome, but they are VERY purple in their nuances. I think that if you put small highlight on them with a very pale skin, thats thinned down like 50/50 then it could get a feel that they're just very pale - Instead of alien purple.

Other than that, it looks great. Your grey highlights on the armor is excellent and that is a hard thing to pull off. Keep up the good work!
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