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@neferhet & @Kreuger
Thanks for the feedback and those tips for the painting! I am testing out thinning my paints more often now and it does feel like the models better, itís just tedious and time consuming having to apply 3-4 layers to get a good finishÖ

I agree that the photos arenít optimal, but itís the best I can do with my scrappy phone camera. I wonít be taking anymore photos inside a box with that background, not until I can get some proper lighting at least.

So now Iím back with an update! Last time I left you with my cultists who had base colors applied to them but not much else. Now theyíre finished (took me about two evenings more than I anticipated at first) but I think the results speak for themselves.

Group picture, say cheese!

Champion, front

There are a few more things to be done such as the shoulder puffs and his sword, but Iím waiting for some paints that I ordered to arrive so I can continue.

Champion, back

I actually really like the result of this guyís trench coat; the lighting and shading are pretty good. Your thoughts & comments are most appreciated!

ĒThe other guysĒ

Cute cannon fodder!


So. Last weekend I was at my dadís house and went digging through my closet. Lo and behold, there I found all my old Warhammer stuff from like 10 years ago lying there. I even managed to find the first model I ever painted! Showed great promise, dontcha think? ;)

Now I plan on getting my Terminator Lord painted. I guess Iíll try to do some progress updates, as I have a feeling I will be spending quite a lot of time on him. Until next time!
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