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Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
There's two kinds of sci fi.

The happy everyone gets along star trek where only useless characters die, or grimdark where anyone can die.

You're trying to adapt 40K to what your limited mind can comprehend.

Almost all of the characters who hulked out to do something awesome were in fact warp related,

I will say it again, read the books and pay attention this time. Everything cain defeated was warp related and most of the time jurgen showed up.

World eaters, one was wounded and the other one was arrogant, jurgen ended both of them.
Daemon jurgen was there,
necron pariahs jurgen
partriach jurgen
psykers jurgen was there.

We're dealing with events that happen in a galaxy thus powers have to increase it's fine for on earth people to have the strength of conan but in a galactic setting it doesn't work.

Haah I've been reading these novels longer than you. Loook at our join dates.

Seriously no moderators going to reprimand this troll for his comments? He is clearly 12
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