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Name: Auril
Age: 148

Appearance: Auril is, in both height and build, average (for an Astartes). He keeps his head shaven, tattooed as it is with warding prayers; his eyes are deep green, inquisitive and suspicious. An Imperial aquila is branded on the left side of his neck, matched on the other side by the hammer sigil of the Ordo Malleus. His sacred Aegis battle-plate is engraved with tiny, almost invisible scripture from head to foot, making it appear rather dull compared with the shining silver of many of Auril's battle-brethren. The armor is bedecked with many purity seals and prayer papyruses. His storm bolter's black casing is engraved with the gold-inlaid names of all its prior bearers, tracing back to its original forging in early M38. Auril's chosen Nemesis weapon is a sword, a long blade of unadorned iron and silver.

Personality: Auril is a taciturn fellow, normally silent and brooding. When called upon to speak, he chooses each word carefully, mulling them over before voicing them. In battle he is relatively calm, intoning prayers and litanies in a quiet voice as he slays. Focused, he rarely deviates from his goals, and never has he disobeyed an order nor broken an oath.

History: Auril does not remember nor care about the arduous years during which he was transformed into one of the Emperor's angels; he believes that what he was does not matter, only what he is now. Thrust into an unforgiving galaxy of war immediately after his training and augmentation, Auril lived up to the harsh and brutal standards of the Grey Knights. Surviving for a century and a half as a Grey Knight is no mean feat; he attributes this to his unflagging faith in the Emperor and his training. Spending much of his time in the practice cages, Auril's obsession with combat training is a point of concern to his superiors- he is seen as single-minded. Despite this (or perhaps because of this), he has been spoken of as a possible candidate for the Chaplaincy, a position that he aspires to greatly. Only time will tell whether he will live long enough or be suitable.

Classified as a pyrokine, Auril brings the cleansing fire of the Emperor to His enemies with great zeal.

Equipment: Aegis armor, Nemesis sword, storm bolter, frag, krak, and psyk-out grenades.

"You all did see that on the Lupercal
I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?
Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
And, sure, he is an honorable man."
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