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Name: Talerion Kybahr

Age: 113

Appearance: Talerion is of just under average height for an Astartes at 7'2", his face could almost be described as classically handsome, save for the slight misproportions of features as a result of being an Astartes. His eyes are a fiery maelstrom of blue, barely concealing his disdain for the woes and Chaos of the universe. His hair, black as a raven's feathers is cut short on the sides while being slightly longer on the top and in the back. He bares a script tattoo on his right hand (his blade arm) that reads the entire Grey Knights War Cry, his left arm is covered in the script of The Canticle of Absolution along with the sigil of Malcador etched into the flesh on his wrist, just above his palm. His build is broad, even by Astartes standards and he casts an imposing shadow, especially with his oft unflinching, seemingly made of stone facial expressions.

Talerion's armor is of course unpainted ceramite grey, though his shoulder plates each bare the litagies of prayers and ward against all the evils that Chaos can spew forth. His storm bolter has a purity seal stamped onto the top of its housing, as well as a prayer enscribed on the storm bolter itself, placed there by the tech adepts of the Brotherhood, to ensure the weapon fires true in the most dire of times. His chest plate has a ring of gold filagree spanning across its width in a gentle arc, just below the protective gorget. Similar filagree etchings can be found along the shoulder plates as well as on the greaves. His Nemesis Force Halberd has a single purity seal on it, given to him as a result of his efforts to repel, with his battle brothers a large scale incursion into the material world of Bloodletters of Khorne and for single handidly defeating a Herald of Khorne and sending the foul warp spawned beasts back into the immaterium.

Personality: Talerion is often quite serious, but he is actually rather well humored, often finding slight bits of amusement even in the most dire of circumstance. He can sometimes be perceived as hotheaded, but his temper is only ever directed at his enemies and the enemies of the Imperium, and only with the aid of proper liturgies so as to protect himself and his brothers from the taint of Chaos.

History: Talerion can only vaguely recall his days as a recruit. He remembers most clearly the feeling of accomplishment when being accepted as a full fledged Grey Knight into the service of the Imperium. As with all Grey Knights, Talerion was immediately placed into active duty, fighting alongside his brothers against Chaos followers and their demon masters.

Though still relatively young, Talerion aspires to become a Brotherhood Champion, to become a beacon and inspiration for his fellow battle brothers. Likewise, he wishes to become a Champion so that his duty may be to safeguard the Brotherhood's Captain and ensure that the leadership of the Brotherhood is left intact even if it means his sacrifice in combat. His skill with his Nemesis Force Halberd has not gone completely unnoticed, as even his battle brothers and Captain have complimented and given their thanks for his skills with his weapon in the righteous service of the Emperor. Likewise Talerion has always taken any such praise with humility and does not allow himself to become too prideful, knowing that pride will lead to arrogance and arrogance could lead one astray to become victim to the foul machinations of Chaos.

Talerion's loyalty to his Brotherhood and Chapter is, like his battle brothers, beyond reproach and he seeks only to serve the Emperor, ridding the universe of Chaos or giving his life in the process.

Psychic discipline: Defensive Magic

Aegis Power armour
Nemesis Force Halberd (it looks more like a glaive to me,lol)
Storm Bolter
Frag grenades
Krak grenades
Psyk-out grenades
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