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So be it.
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Originally Posted by Loli View Post
Kiro I think this thread was aimed mostly at the fluff as opposed to tabletop :-P
Weirdly enough, he took it where I thought it was going. Maybe I haven't read enough fluff

Kiro - I feel you man. It bites, it really does, that every army is getting bigger and better for less and it's often hard to keep up, even if you play those armies. It's all about marketing, but we can get around that. My solution is simple: screw the system, stay with a group of assault marines, some fast tanks, and then get in close and evade that riptide blasts as best as I can (I don't think it's ever made it's points back against me). 2+ rerollable? Well, kill it with numbers. An assault squad dished out 30 attacks on the charge. Not great, only like 0.5-1 missed saves, but does it go away after one use? Or just Baal it to death (10 s5/6 shots will kill stuff man). It bites, but we can get past this.

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