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Default In Our Darkest Hour - Grey Knight RP (Recruitment)

In Our Darkest Hour

”You must face the truth squarely and without flinching from duty. Our Enemies are mortal no longer. Mercy for such as they is a chimera, self-deception is its only ally. Dedicate this weapon, given unto your hand at the behest of the Emperor, to their destruction. Regard its function as your only duty: you live only to bring cleansing fire. Take up your rod and staff, your armour and psycannon, and go forth.” – Attributed to Galbus Heer

+++ Excerpt from sealed record Sigma-Delta-Nine-Four-Seven +++
Security level: Indigo
+++ Content: Battle of Cophelus +++
+++ Transcribing begins:
Of our battles there can be no record. No planet will keep our banner waving to celebrate their liberation. There will be no parade in our honour. Our soldiers cannot have statues erected on the worlds they have saved to mark their bravery. We must perform our thankless task and rest assured in the knowledge that we have helped to save humanity from the taint beyond.

Such began the battle for Cophelus. Our Prognositcars had felt many omens surrounding this planet. Further scrying revealed that if this world fell, the system and then the whole sector would be ravaged by warp storms and the Enemy would gain another foot-hold. Furthermore, key resources would be denied to the Imperium. Such dire consequences could not be allowed to come to pass, and thus the 6th Brotherhood of Chapter 666 sailed forth with truth and silver to bring death to humanities greatest threat…

:Transcribing paused +++

It is one year after the Months of Shame. The Grey Knights have managed to replace some of their numbers lost in the infamous First War for Armageddon. Titans training halls have been a non-stop hive of activity, as have the forges. Both have been working to create new men and arms in order to defend against Humanity’s most insidious foe; Chaos. Nemesis Force Weapons and Aegis armour of fallen heroes have been repaired and Astartes who have served an unknowing Imperium all their lives have been buried in the secret burial halls on Titan.

Yet, this infamous chapter of daemonhunters cannot afford to rest, for neither do their foes. The Dark Gods are tempting mortals and Astartes alike in order to sway them to their cause. One such root of temptation is the planet Corphelus. It is a thriving Hive World in the Segmentum Pacificus. But even the Imperium can only watch so many people, and in the depths of Hives it is easy for cults to the perverse powers of Chaos to spring up.

The governor of Corphelus believes his realm to be compliant and loyal. However, servants dedicated to the ruinous powers are insidious and have worked their way into the very command echelons of the world. The governors own right-hand man is dedicated to Slaanesh and is ready to sacrifice him to the Dark Prince as part of a ritual to summon tainted Chaos Space Marines and Daemons and engulf the planet and the system in a warp storm. Their plan is almost at fruition. The gate will be opened on Corphelus; that is inevitable.

However, the fall of the system is not. The Prognosticars of the Grey Knights have foreseen these events unfolding and have sent a full squad Grey Knights from the 6th Brotherhood to meet up with Inquisitor Gardon, who is far closer to Corphelus than the Knights of Titan are. You are amongst these brothers. You have been chosen by Brother-Captain Jairus. One of the Chapter’s sleek ships is sailing toward their next fight right now. It’s time for each of you to don your Aegis, grab your Nemesis Force weapons and push back the enemies of mankind. For the Glory of Terra!

Now for DA RULZ:
1. Post length should be around 300-600 words (with correct grammar and punctuation please).
2. At least one post per update. Usually that will be fine, but I’ll let you know if an update needs more.
3. No God-modding. Grey Knights are pretty bad-ass, but I’ll give you indicators of how easy your foes are with the relevant updates.
4. No killing other players. Fairly simple, it wouldn’t be in character and wouldn’t make sense in the story.
5. Updates will be fortnightly. Most likely Mondays, but I’ll let you guys know if not. I also might extend it for real life of the players getting in the way or other such situations.
6. PM me or post in the recruitment thread if you won’t be able to post. If you don’t, you may well find that your character has some bad luck in future. Similarly, I will let you know if real life stops me updating in a timely manner.
7. Stay in character. Really important and really basic.

Next up is the character sheet:

Name: (Fairly obvious, but remember all Grey Knight names are “actually a fragment of magical lore that acts in perfect opposition to the true name of a particular Daemon, making even a Grey Knight's name a deadly weapon”)

Age: (Fairly obvious here, but I’m setting a minimum cap at 80 and a max cap at 200. Old enough to have experience, but not old enough to have advanced within the hierarchy of the chapter.)

Appearance: (This should include armour and physical appearance. If you want to separate the two that’s fine, but I’d like a description of noticeable things under the armour [scars, tattoos, etc] as well as the armour itself. Feel free to add purity seals and liturgy to your armour as this would be common for Grey Knights. As detailed as you can)

Personality: (Again, a good detailed description as this will define who you are and how you act. It’s also important because it helps me form updates and specific scenarios for you guys/gals. Probably should be your second longest section, tied with your appearance and second only to your history section.)

History: (Now, none of you will remember your life before joining the Chapter. However, I am making a call that says that you can include your trials to become a Grey Knight. Remember at that point you would have been assigned a number rather than a name. This should also include significant achievements and perhaps stories of brothers you have lost or things that have come to define you characters, or any daemonic nemesis’s you might have. I’ll leave the exact details up to your discretion.

Also this should include any aspirations you have. Does your character want to become a techmarine? Or an apothecary? Or a Brotherhood Champion? Or even a Purifier or Paladin? Basically aspirations to anything that isn’t a basic Strike Squad marine is fine, as well as noting any steps you have made towards that goal. However, just to state clearly, you will not be what your character aspires to be in this RP, although they might move closer to that goal.)

Psychic discipline: (This is should be a description of the psychic abilities which you manifest. These include: precognition, biomancy, telekinesis, pyromancy and defensive magic. This is not a description of the psychic powers you have, but where your psychic strengths lie)

Equipment: Aegis Power armour, Nemesis Force Weapon , Storm Bolter, Frag grenades, Krak grenades, Psyk-out grenades

For every 5 players, one may select a heavy weapon (Incinerator, Psycannon or Psilencer) which will replace both the Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force weapon.

Any player can have either a Nemesis Force Sword, Halberd or Falcions. For every 5 players, one player may select a Nemesis Daemon Hammer or one player may select a Nemesis Warding Stave.

These will go on a first come first served basis for the first 5. After they have been taken, we wait there are 5 confirmed players, and then it’s first come first served until we reach 10 players. Hopefully that makes sense.

On psychic powers:
In my experience, giving players free reign can get out of control. So, my call is that the primary use of psychic powers will be through your force weapons. There will be other abilities which you use as determined by your character sheet, but I will direct the usage of these.

On Nemesis Force Weapons:
Each Nemesis Force weapon has attributes assigned to it.. They are:

+ Nemesis Force Sword: Provides an improved defence (although not as much as a Warding Stave) in combat whilst still retaining the killing edge of a blade.
+ Nemesis Force Halberd: Provides an extended reach allowing for you to get the first strike in more often than not.
+ Nemesis Force Falcions: Provides the ability to land more attacks or fight numerous foes more effectively, but has a diminished range compared to most weapons.
+ Nemesis Daemonhammer: Provides unparalleled strength, but at the cost of speed.
+ Nemesis Warding Stave: Provides the greatest protection, but is not as effective at piercing armour as other weapons.

Finally, you will have noticed that I haven’t specified who will be a Justicar. I will chose who will be the Justicar, so just write the characters you want and I’ll let you know once I have all the characters in.

I didn't change a lot from the original recruitment thread, but I felt it was best to start with a fresh thread. I'm looking for between 5 and 10 character so it's worth both my time and yours. I look forward to seeing your characters.

Accepted Characters:
1) Talerion Kybahr - Krymson86
2) Auril - HonourableMan
3) Mordred - revan4559
4) Galahad - Santaire
5) Ianus Evandrus - kyleripper (NPC'd until further notice)
6) Cato Marquand - Farseer Darvaleth (NPC'd until further notice)
7) Eriban - deathbringer

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