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The sound of the ghosthorns echoed throughout the plains that Faenchal's Stave sat within, rousing those who did not get the vox recording about the enemy sighting. The refugees, knowing full well what the horns meant, surged forward like a frenzied river. Tadhlinn knew full well that the defense of the city would become much more difficult if the panicked civilians weren't managed carefully. The captain stared at the horizon, the ever growing mottled grey horde drew closer with each passing minute. The sickly green skies churned with thunder as they finally blotted out Goidelaer II's sun. Emperor above it better not rain, he thought to himself. If it rains after the traps are lit, it would not be a problem...but if it does before the flaming arrows are released, it could well and truly damage the Imperium's prospects of victory. They had vehicles, mainly transports and the occasional Leman Russ, but lacked other heavy ordnance. He turned to his command squad.

"As insane as it sounds, I hope the Sidhe'Baloraedh move a little faster, preferably before the heavens decide to piss on us."

They laughed grimly, Tadhlinn turned back to the field. His eyes narrowed as he caught sight of the front 'ranks' of the nearing horde, made all that much disturbingly clearer, tumbling into the promethium spike pits. The Aoisin drew his sword and raised it high, signalling the first volley of fire arrows. The darkening skies grew brighter as the blazing projectiles arced high. Then they fell, setting the promethium alight as the burning arrows made contact. Immediately the captain spoke into his vox bead.

"All Goidelaer 105th outriders ride out, lure the undead into the next trap, keep it up until the last unmanned fire pit. Use any RANGED means necessary to bring down as many as possible!"

Like the thundering skies of above, they rode forth. Just as ordered they lured the Sidhe'Baloraedh into the pits, taking a number of the walking corpses down with lasweapons and bows before they galloped to a safe distance. Tadhlinn rose his power sword again and another volley of flaming arrows was unleashed. The same pattern continued, until the moaning horde reached the fourth trench. On cue just as the Outriders were returning, the entire frontline blazed into life with the firing of heavy bolters, autocannons, multilasers and sniper rifles, amidst flaming arrows; the field began to be smeared with greenish black ichor. It was then that the captain heard the sound of the screaming emerged from the back of the refugee column. It can't be, they should not be here, he thought with concern.

"To PDF Outrider squads Tanviss and Draechda, investigate the source of the screams, I have a feeling the refugees have attempted to smuggle infected into the city."

As he finished the order, the undead moved into the range of the medium weapons. His heart sank as he realised just how immense the horde is, the budding lashes of green lightning in the sky did little to help. His warrior spirit surged to the fore in response, bellowing into his vox bead.

"Let them come for us, make them pay for every footstep in their fetid blood! With each monster slain will the Good God smile upon us!!"

Goidelaeri, PDF infantry and Cadian regiments
What are your thoughts as you and your fellows ready for the fight? What do you think of the strategies used to deal with the zombies as the first Promethium spike pit?

For those Goidelaeri (Aoisin and Colonial alike) who use bows, you are the ones contributing to the blazing volley.

What are your thoughts as the regimental Outriders lure the horde into the other pits? The blazing of the heavy weapons? When the horde reaches mid-range, how do you feel when you realise the size of the enemy's numbers and begin to witness the coiling of green lightning in the sky?

Anais Galan

Mostly the same as the Guard? What are your thoughts on the promethium flames? What duties do you tend as the battle opens?

Mounted PDF

Same with the boys and girls in blue. Add your thoughts on the sight of the Guard Outriders actions against the horde.

After receiving your orders, you then ride off to deal with the issue. As you get closer, you can see the zombies attacking the caravan, some were still rising from their beds. You know these are probably Colonials since the Aoisaech quickly behead those they believe to be 'cursed'. The rest is pretty obvious

Judicators and Civil Wardens

The Wardens follow the direction the moans came from. As you delve deeper into the sewers, the already wretched smell grows nearly unbearable, prompting some of you to gag at best, vomit at worst. You move further, until you cross paths with the first zombie of the day. Its a young boy, probably 11, gorging on an unusually fat rat. Before you get the chance to put a bullet in his head, you are ambushed by more undead. Cue combat and a few team members getting killed. Then you see two zombies drop dead with two smoking bullets, they were not fired by you or your team mates. You turn to see a man dressed in the ragged attire of the Judicators, his facial tattoos announced him to be of the Aoisaech.

For Keller, what have you been up to since you've been in the sewers? How have you been dealing with the problem of people hiding their infected relatives? It is one particular day that you hear the sound zombie moans and...gunfire! You immediately move to aid these newcomers. After helping them finish the fight you engage in dialogue.

Might I suggest your characters arrange the dialogue for this one.

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"
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