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Who would have thought it?

Only four weeks ago had Ernst been lounging about the barracks playing cards and drinking with his friends. Now as he looked to the long line of refugees stretched out in the distance he realized just how fast things can change.

Ernst was sitting next to his horse, Otto, watching some of the men from that foreign unit fight the Aoisin. Both of them were quite strong, but the foreigners seemed to be prevailing overall. He turned his gaze to his own unit, how did they compare? They had been sent into the areas affected by the hulk when it had first hit the sea. Then they had nearly a thousand men, now they numbered less than a hundred. Perhaps it was best not to think about it Ernst reasoned.

Looking to the vast expanse of prepared battlefield before him he could spot one of the scouts riding hard for the battlements. Reaching into a pouch on his horse and bringing out a set of binoculars he brought them up to his eyes. The scout was kicking up so much dirt that parts of his kit were coming loose and falling to the ground. The thing that worried Ernst was that he wasn't slowing down or stopping to pick them up.

"One rider coming in hot!" he screamed.

There was a brief silence as everybody in his unit heard that but it wasn't long before men suddenly burst into action, finding their horses and weapons. Ernst too, threw the binoculars over his neck and mounted his horse before taking his lance from its position up against a nearby wall.

Soon enough the horns of the Aoisin roared to life.
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