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Default Blood Angels 1750 help

Hi, I'm new here so hello.

I have some points leftover and I'm not sure how to allocate them.


Librarian w/ Terminator Armor & Storm Bolter
Planning on attaching him to a squad of Termies

Honor Guard
Blood Champion, Chapter Banner, Flamer, Hand Flamer, Storm Shield, Razorback w/ dozer blades
I plan on attaching a Chaplain and riding around in a support capacity to the rest of my army


For Honor Guard

Sanguinary Priest & Brother Corbulo
Priest with Tac Squad, Corbulo with Termies

Terminator Squad
w/ Assault Cannon
Corbulo and Librarian attached


Tactical Squad (10/0
w/ Missile Launcher and Land Raider Crusader
I am planning on putting the vanilla priest in there as well.

Assault Squad (5)
w/ Plasma Gun and Power Axe

Death Company (5)
w/ Infernus Pistol and Jump Packs

All the above balances to 1605 pts., I would like to fill up the remaining slots with either another Assault squad at around 130 pts. or a Bike Squad with an attack bike also at around 130 pts. I am also willing to field some sort of tank, I just don't know exactly what would jive here. Another possibility is a DC Dread with Blood Talons at 125. If anybody has a suggestion to where the leftover points could go, I would love to hear what you guys have to say.

Thanks all!
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