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Valentine was not happy. In fact Valentine was damn pissed off and if he was honest, a little apprehensive. The walking dead, again!? Emperors holy fragging throne.

Looking across the small area at the current training (improvised training) his squad of guardsmen were all taking it in turns having one to one scraps with one of the local Cavalry squads. He allowed himself a slight smile as he had trained with these guys for the past 6 months during their "R & R" and these local Cavalry bumpkins were in for a surprise if they thought they had a chance here.

Valentine didn't mind the local units, the Aoisiens were a hardy bunch and seemed professional enough. But they weren't Cadian so h wouldn't be relying on them to watch his back until he had seen them tested.

A broad grin crossed his face as the combat currently going on was ended when the Cavalry lad caught a thundering right hook to the body, dropping him like pile of Grox shit.

Valentine was about to step forwards himself to have a round with one of then when he caught a smell on the wind. Just faintly for a split second but it was a scent he had wished he would never smell again. A couple of his lads smelt it too and he knew the same visions would be going through their heads from the last time they faced this foe.

He was about to tell his lads to kit up when a horrific alarm went up. The warning horns of the locals. Needing no more instruction Gaius Valentine and his squad of Cadian 375th began to re kit and jog back towards the fortifications whilst Cavalry set off at speed towards another flank.

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