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About five or six months ago, I finally told my mom everything that I had been dealing with for the past few years, emotionally wise, which has been the cause of numerous explosive situations when I tried to live with my dad up north, and everything else. As someone who has dealt with depression and bipolar disorder her whole life, she told me that a lot of what I said sounded familiar, and that she believed it was possible I was dealing with the former. So she said she'd try her hardest to get me in to see a counselor, or a psychologist, whatever.

Since then nothing's happened, and things continue to get worse. Which I can't blame anyone for- my mom continues trying, but we don't have the money to either pay for a psychologist or whoever, or get health insurance. Medicaid won't give me health insurance because she makes too much money, even though what she makes isn't enough for my insurance.

So it's really just a big circle of bullshit.

Here I am, six months later, and nothing's changed. Well, some things have- I'm no longer living where I had many friends, so me and my friend Nick can't smoke a bowl or two to relieve some stress. So I've pretty much turned to occasional nights of drinking as a replacement, which isn't much of a good idea.

And that's about it. When I came out with all of that, half a year ago, I thought it could be the start of getting better, or at least gaining an understanding of what was going on. Instead, it's just disappointment.

This is absolutely pointless, but it is a pointless venting thread. So there you go. My pointless vent, with no one to blame for anything because everyone's trying their hardest, which somehow just makes the whole situation worse.

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