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Just a note, the free 8inch move is a push, so if you would come in contact with another model or blocking terrain you would stop!
Situation happened to.a guy down the club i attend.
Companion is good, and a useful tool.
When you start looking at upgrades 'ciscos one is a no brainer and rapid fire for Nino is annoying!
Your right though perdita, lady j are both very newbie friendly, along with likes of Seamus, raspy, von schill and i Lilith! Its not to say these guys are better or less involved, just they are a bit more accessible and in most cases fairly forgiving!

Pap loco bomb? Never really game across it in game play, but spamming obey would have got him across pretty quickly esp with companion!
He wasn't a great model last edition, now he is def worth taking!
Thinking about taking him in a jack daw.crew

Statistically 6 out of 7 dwarfs aren't Happy
Malifaux/hobby podcast - check it out for inane ramblings
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