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I've recently changed mine and although it's not quite finished, here it is:

But this is not just any table, behold it's secret:

The top pivots on one corner and the front hinges down to reveal my now permanent work space so my computer desk is not constantly cluttered by my minis. My paints are all separated into colors etc When I'm done I simply leave it all as is, put the front back up and slide the top back over and to the casual glance you don't notice the hinges. Once I end up piling shit up on the top surface you won't even notice them. However at the moment my computer desk is still my main work space until I can get a spare screen rigged above the new desk so I can connect my ipad to it and have my distractions playing while I paint.

It's over engineered to fuck as I'm not the best with building things sometimes so it generally gets made very solidly to make up for the lack of a subtle design.
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