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@Neferhet Thanks! The army Iím building is after a list you gave me in the Chaos Space Marines Army List section. I know there are quite a few things that I could add to the Terminators to make them much more appealing, Iíll see if I get to it once the rest of my army is paintedÖ

@Varakir Thank you! Iím gonna try out a new technique for the black when I do my lord, hopefully it will look even better. My plan for the basing is having a brown, deserty kind of base. I plan on painting them with Mournfang Brown IIRC, then gluing sand to be drybrushed with Rakarth Flesh and then Iíve also bought some ďBurnt grassĒ from the Citadel collection to add a feeling of the earth corrupting with every chaos-y step.

I placed a new order yesterday evening. I ordered a Maulerfiend and a few more paints to add some variety. As it is at the moment Iíve basically only got red paints for painting details, now Iíve added some blues and greens as well.

Hereís some pics of the progress Iíve made so far (after about four weeks):


Here are the five cultists Iím working on at the moment. Iíve applied all the base colors so far. The paints I use are:
  • Doombull Brown for the leathery and red-colored clothes
  • Rakarth Flesh for wool/twill clothes
  • Eshin Grey/Lahmium Medium for the black clothes.
  • Warplock Bronze for gun casings
  • Leadbelcher for metal parts of the guns as well as details
  • 3:2 mix of Xereus Purple and Rakarth Flesh for the skin.
  • Gehennas Gold and a Brass color (canít remember the name, sitting on a busÖ) for some other details.

The plan is now to basically wash leather, wool/twill, guns and metal details with Agrax Earthshade. The black and red cloth with Nuln Oil and the skin with Druchii Violet. Iíll upload pics when thatís complete.





Hereís a Terminator I did in much the same manner as my chosen. I say he looks better than the four other Terminators. Takes forever to paint thoughÖ I made a pathetic attempt at painting the axe too look like a glowing/crackling power weapon, but Iím not too pleased about it. Anyone have any tips on how to make things like that look good?

Iíll be gone for the weekend so wonít get much painting done, youíll have to wait until next week for an update!

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