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Name: Keller Deoir

Homeworld: Goidelaer II (Aoisaech)

Age: 52

Role: Judicator

Appearance: Keller has been through the wars, and he is not unscathed. His hair is snow-white, and after months of constant action, a thick beard has grown out to cover Keller's jaw. However his hair does little to cover the scars that criss-cross his face, wounds from a hundred different conflicts. But his eyes are untouched, a shocking blue that watches everything, watches everyone, never flinching and seemingly never blinking.

Beneath Keller's long jacket is a body that has been beaten and broken countless times. Scars run down his body, everything from knife wounds to gun shots, almost matching the dark tattoos that mark him down as one of Goidelaer II's own.

Keller's official long jacket is faded and torn almost beyond recognition, the only seemingly untouched part is the metallic Aquila upon his right shoulder that still gleams in the light.

Personality: Keller is a feircly loyal soldier to the planet, and more specifically Faenchal's Stave, and has been fighting for the greater good of the city all his life. Most of the time, Keller is a reserved man, but he will often speak his mind plainly when he thinks he knows better. Yet when his pride, or the pride of his city is threatened, he becomes a soldier. He does not flinch from death or injury, fighting only for what he sees as right. He will fight for Faenchal's Stave and her people until he can fight no more.

Background: Born into the deepest depths of Faenchal's Stave, Keller was forced into fights almost before he could walk. His mother was killed, caught up in gang warfare that she had no part in, and his only memory of her is the locket he keeps in a pocket. Keller's father abandoned the boy days after his mothers death, cutting all emotional ties he had with his son. From there, Keller became involved in the gangs of the cities underhive and the boy, abandoned by his family, became a man.

But Keller began to aim too high, involving himself in too big heists until the Judicators of the city caught him and dragged him kicking and screaming into the cities cells. It was in those dark and lonely bowels of the city that Keller finally learnt what the gangs were. When Keller was thrown back out onto the streets, no-one came to pick him up.

And so Keller did the one thing he could do, he picked himself up, turned around and walked right back into the Judicator's Halls.

Thirty years later, and the Keller that had run with the gangs of the underhive was gone. What was left was a silent Judicator, who moved amongst the lower levels as only one who has lived there can. Keller tried to cut every tie he had with the underhive, but something kept drawing him back there.

And so it was when disaster came, and panic swept across the planet, that it was to the lower levels of the city that Keller went. He became a lone figure, shepherding the poor, the weak, the broken, down into the sewers for safety. And when those first infected began to rise within the city itself, Keller became the lone soldier, responsible for the lives of hundreds of civilians. His name became almost legendary amongst the poor of the city, and more and more flocked to the sewers, desperate for his protection.

-Judicator Jacket, with sewn in Flak armour covering vital areas.
- Twin Stub Revolvers
-Two belts of ammo for his Revolvers
-A mace strapped to his chest

Hope this is all-right, I thought that he would be able to come in as Elias moves into the sewers.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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