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The stink of the sewer washed over the civil wardens sent to investigate the area. There were rumours of refugees hiding their infected relatives down in this hole, and they were sent down to take care of it. While the other members of the group recoiled in disgust, Elias simply stepped forward, shotgun in hand. He had already seen much worse, things that no man should ever see. The stink of the sewers wouldn't stop him. He cursed the people that brought the infected down here. The fools obviously didn't see the kind of things those monsters were capable of, Elias was sure of that.

The others looked at each other before mustering up the willpower to move forward into the dark, cramped and smelly tunnel. One of the group, a young woman, shouted at Elias, who was taking point.

"You see anything out there?"

Elias looked around before simply shaking his head. After a few minutes of searching, another member of the group, a large bearded man, shouted out to everyone else.

"Is there any point of doing this? For all we know they might not even be down here"

The whole group stopped in it's tracks and exchanged looks with each other. All except for Elias, who marched angrily up to the man and grabbed him by the collar of the shirt.

"So what do you suggest, huh? To just assume that this area is secure? Do you realize what would happen if those monsters are allowed to wander free around the city? I've seen what happens when we get careless. It is not pretty"

He pushed the man back before turning around and mumbling quietly to the others

"We should continue searching the area, we need to be sure"

As the group descended further down into the tunnel, they found traces of blood, body parts and other assorted bits of unidentifiable meat scattered throughout. Suddenly, a horrific noise echoed through the caverns, causing everyone present to freeze in place. Elias raised a hand and slowly approached the source of the noise, shotgun pointed straight in that direction. A sound like that could only mean one thing; they were here.
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