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Default A project log - CSM

My Army/Project Log Ė Chaos Space Marines

So Iíve decided to start this fantastic hobby again. I first got into it in sixth (2000-2001) grade when a friend of mine talked to me about it, I specifically remember him hyping the Dreadnought to oblivion. It got me totally pumped so I begged my mom to drive me to the local GW, and I bought one of those starting sets and starting paint sets. Unfortunately a sixth grader shouldnít get involved in this hobby; it will rob you of all your allowance! So I ended up quitting the hobby in like 2003.

So now with a larger monthly allowance I decided to start getting into it again. I know thereís a little gaming community and my town and Iím gonna look into joining them. But first I want to get an army painted fully and based and all that. Even if my army crashes and burns facing opponents, Itís gonna look damn good while doing it at least.

So hereís my army/project log. Iíve chosen Chaos Space Marines. When I started out playing I played Space Marines, and then switched to Tyranids. I enjoyed both armies a lot (Tyranids slightly favored) and their different play styles. Chaos Space Marines feels like a good option, as it seems they have a good mixture of play style/aesthetics of those aforementioned armies. Iím starting out with a flat out Black Legion army. I love the dark, ancient look of the scheme and the shame the army bears on its shoulders.

I plan on making installments of 250 points to my army as I start out. Right now Iím looking at assembling and painting my 500 point army consisting of:
  • Terminator Lord with a retinue of Terminators
  • 2 squads of cultists, resulting in 1 squad of 10 and another of 15, so 25 models in total
  • A Maulerfiend
I am not completely new to painting, having painted models some ten years ago. However the most technical painting I did then was drybrushing and some very squiggly highlights. I didnít even know what washes were. So Iíve done a lot of googling for nice tutorials and guides on how to paint and Iíve found a few that I really like. So my style and scheme will incorporate a few elements of those tutorials/guides and a little of my own interpretation. So this is my fourth week of painting anew. These are the models Iíve painted so far (excuse the poor quality of the photos):


Really enjoyed painting these cannon fodder models... which I guess is a good thing cause I've got about 20 more to be painted!


These are fun models to paint aswell. I do feel if I were to put in an extra hour or so on each model to fit in some more highlights they would look better however. Still have one more to paint as well as my Lord in Terminator armor.




This model was an experiment following this magnificent guide (credit given where credit is due):
I think it turned out pretty well, but my hand is still a bit shaky and my knowledge of painting isn't that great.

So Currently Iím painting another set of 5 cultists. After those are complete Iím going to give my Lord a shot. After heís complete I got 15 more cultists to go. Iím gonna put in an order tonight for a Maulerfiend and some additional paints, as well as some basing material. Iíll try to get some photos of the Cultists up and keep this plog alive!

Of course, any comments and suggestions/constructive critique is always warmly welcomed!
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