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Anais looked grim as usual, he had led the civilian population through prayer time and again and now it was especially important. He turned to a group of fresh arrivals, death had visited them, keeping their souls safe until his return. But he would renew their faith, guide them toward the light of the emperor.

“Children of the Emperor! In the face of darkness there can only be light, the Emperor’s light that guides us and delivers from those that would see you stray from the righteous path! We MUST stand firm in the face of the enemy! We must show them no fear, we must not give them the their pleasures, we must not break! Though your loved may be lost they move on to his side now! As will we all in time! But it will not be today! Be ever vigilant of our foe, fall not to the predations of the enemy for he will only protect the faithful!! None can penetrate his light, none can cast shadows on his glory! Have faith in your emperor, for he is the one true power in this galaxy!!” He hoped to stir the light in the darkness within the emperor’s faithful. He knew what power utter devotion wrought and now it was needed most.

The Aoisaech would gaze on only in confusion. He did not give it thought; their worship was false, incomplete. They knew not the light of the emperor, such ignorance angered him, but he would save that for what was to come. He did not trust in the Aoisaech to uphold the pillars of the Emperor’s empire, but they may at least defend their homeland, for the little it was worth without the doctrines of the ministorum. He moved to the defence line.

The perimeter was set, casting his gaze over the field he eyed the traps the Guard regiments had set for the unholy. The Emperor’s deliverance ought to be brought personally, not by rudimentary traps and gunfire. He attended his weapons for but a moment, they were immaculate, the only possessions cared for. These were his tools; these items brought justice to the forsaken.

Taint filled the air, its arrival was imminent, the foul powers which corrupted this world would seek to claim their souls down to their last. The skies themselves recoiled at the presence of such invasion. It disgusted him. It was if the Gods of Chaos themselves spat insults at his Emperor. Such filth would not be tolerated, this defilement of his Emperor’s empire would be struck down by his hand. When the time came, he would bring the righteous fury of the only true god down upon the enemy.

Nearby a soldier received vox communications, she turned to face them all, an older woman, worn but defiant. “The dead approach! Ready yourselves!” The primitive horns of the Aoisaech drowned out the soldier’s noise. The enemy brought war to the Imperium and they would answer in kind.

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