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Yea in the newer codexes the named lord and heroes arnt that great over all, going to proxy test Grimgor Ironhide some see how it goes other then his higher cost he looks good on paper having first strike, str 7, toughness 5, attacks 5 and reroll hits for whole unit on first round thur hatred. Right about this the chaff reworked wolf riders not sure I need the musician now worked it in just in case. Tweaked list as always thoughts, opinions, criticism.

Grimgor Ironhide 355pts Joins Black Orcs

Night Goblin Great Shaman 220pts Joins Night Goblins
(LvL 4, Talisman of Preservation)

Black Orc Big Boss 165pts Joins Orc Boyz
(BSB, Armour of Destiny)

Big Boss Night Goblin 77pts Joins Night Goblins
(Armour of Fortune, Biting Blade, Shield)

Core Units:
Orc Boyz 440pts
(40, FCS, AHW, Big 'Uns, Razor Standard)

Night Goblins 170pts
(30, FCS, Short Bows, Fanatic x2)

Goblin Wolf Riders 65pts
(5, Musican, Shields)

Goblin Wolf Riders 65pts
(5, Musican, Shields)

Goblin Wolf Riders 65pts
(5, Musican, Shields)

Special Units:
Black Orcs 445pts
(30, FCS, Wailing Banner)

Rare Units:
River Trolls 270pts

Doom Diver Catapult 80pts

Doom Diver Catapult 80pts

Total Points: 2497pts

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