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My friend on the street when I was like...8-10 had Space Hulk and another older guy up the street was a SERIOUS painter and the models looked tough as balls. Even comparing the models to those pictured in the book I was blown away. Coincidentally the Terminators were all painted Deathwing and Blood Angels...which are still two of my three favourite SM armies to date! Got to playing whatever edition of 40k that came with Marines (BA on the box) and Orks. I remember him touting that it was a brand new release, and he was getting used to the rules as well. I started a collection, but didn't really start playing effectively until 5th (?) edition came out (BT and DE in this one..?) and dropped the hobby entirely when I moved from the town I grew up in since I no longer had anyone to play the game with somewhere around 15/16. Got back into the game when I found another couple dudes locally that were in to it when I was 25ish and immediately went back into BA since I still had all my characters and sergeants - and even my old Land Raider from when the plastic kit first came out! ...plus I love my space vampires and most things red.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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