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Originally Posted by Rems View Post
That's a, not really how evolution works and b, not possible. We're not going to, and are not able to, 'evolve' some kind of group consciousness or hive mind.
A. So evolution has always only magically given a creature something it absolutely needs? we as a race have evolved into sentience, as far as we know, we are the only race to do so. We are quite short lived and since it would take a couple THOUSAND human life times to see a major change on the evolutionary scale, but it happens. I do not actually seeing us becoming one thought, I do think we would keep our individual thoughts, but even through mechanical and technological means we are already evolving into a hive mind thanks to the internet.

Edit: oh and guess what: Evolution gives MANY possibilities, why would it not be able to perceived that maybe if you FORCE conditions onto a creature for centuries it might EVOLVE to that condition? not all evolutions make it.
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