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Default insomnia is fun!

I generally have issues of insomnia due to not being able to clear my head. especially when I have not played my guitars in a few days. but a thought came up...

In all of our known evolution, from what we can figure out through our "intelligence" has any other creatures in the wild ever evolved by using an object then evolving themselves not to need it? what if our intelligence is just a step to evolve into something we need to survive. of coarse, only the strongest survive, and the weak masses generally fall at some point. funnily enough this thought process came from a song. Fourty Six & 2 by Tool. after looking up the meaning, though not delving deeper at the time, i just had a thought on evolution, about how our next logical mental evolution would be the linking of our selves into a greater being. all with free will but at the same time, part of a single mass "net" think about it. what if one day, we figure out how to implant computers into our brains, to link us directly to the internet. this may be coming sooner then you think too from what Ive seen. eventually we will either depend on it entirely, or our minds might take the computer and adapt it into a single whole from birth.
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