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Default 2500pt Orc & Goblins

Now that I got my 40k armies squared away for now, started looking over my fantasy ones. Not liking the changes to the Dark Elfs so working on making my Orcs & Goblins army bigger. This is mainly just for fun army but wouldn't mind it doing well in a tournament if I ever run it. Like the Black Orc unit so figure I would type up something with Grimgor for his special rule to see how it would look, I try to keep my army Orc, Goblin and Monster mixed. Thoughts, opinions, criticism welcome.

Grimgor Ironhide 355pts Joins Black Orcs

Night Goblin Great Shaman 220pts Joins Night Goblins
(LvL 4, Talisman of Preservation)

Black Orc Big Boss 165pts Joins Orc Boyz
(BSB, Armour of Destiny)

Gitilla Da Hunter 110pts Joins Goblin Wolf Riders

Core Units:
Orc Boyz 440pts
(40, FCS, AHW, Big 'Uns, Razor Standard)

Night Goblins 170pts
(30, FCS, Short Bows, Fanatic x2)

Goblin Wolf Riders 154pts
(12, Musican, Short Bows, Shields)

Special Units:
Black Orcs 445pts
(30, FCS, Wailing Banner)

Rare Units:
River Trolls 270pts

Doom Diver Catapult 80pts

Doom Diver Catapult 80pts

Total Points: 2489pts

Black Orc mainly deal with tougher special/rare infantry and cavalry units
Orc Boyz mainly deal with core units
Night Goblins range support, fanatic for just in case they become under melee attack
Rivers Trolls against other monster types
Doom Divers range support

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