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>> Hey mate. First off, by the look of it you have a good amount of DA stuff. It may sound obvious, but get the DA codex, either buy or borrow and have a good look at that. Your son may even like the history of the DA.

>> With what you have, if using the Marine codex, your single terminator could be used as a terminator captain, look at his weapons for wargear. You defo need more power armour marines, perhaps two more units. I don't tailor, as to me the sign of a good general is someone who can put a balanced list on the table, and take on anyone, tailoring is for the weak!!

>> Land raiders are way cool, i have a redeemer for my Space Wolves, and a bog standard for my Nurgle marines, but don't run them in 1500 games as to much of a point sink. Heavy bolter's in dev units are, imo, a must.

>> List wise, I don't actually have the new marine dex yet, but I have used it, and it pretty brick, but my group play 2500pt games.

>> Sorry I cannae be anymore help at the moment, but peeps on here will def beable to help. Good luck.

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