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Default help a dad out list designing

I've inherited a bunch of marines and have taught my boy 40k by playing kill teams. he wants to move up to a full scale game as it bugs him to have figures in the case and just a few on the table I look at the marine book and I'm just not sure what he needs or whats good to use.

I have roughly 14 marines, 10 terminators, 6 heavy weapons marines, 3 DA bikers, and a terminator. I really don't know who the HQ's are. I essentially the marines from black reach, the dark angels from the new basic set, and a box of something that had a heavy weapons team

I'm trying to get my son a 1500 point list together and really need some help with a basic list with not to many special rules, chapter's not important, just something simple and easy to learn. he just wants some land raiders and more dreadnaughts because they look cool Xmas is coming so I can pick up models to get him a list.

He'll only be facing a ork horde for those who tailor lists. Thanks for any help.
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