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Default Help Finishing 1500 Points of IFs

I've stripped down what I have to be bare bones in an attempt to clear out as much space for options. This is what I have for my IF army, the only things made up and set in stone (or set with glue, whatever) are the librarian who I modeled with a big old SS already (which could be a Shield Eternal...), my terminators w/2x LCs and 3x TH/SS, and their LRC (that is fully magnetized). Aside from that this list is barely even assembled, really. I'll be borrowing Rhinos from my BA army for a loooong time. Here's the list:


Libby w/terminator armour, staff, ML2, SS


Dreadnought w/2x TLAC

Terminator Assault squad w/ 3x TH/SS, 2x LC in a LRC w/MM


2x 10 man Tactical squads in Rhinos


10 man Devastator squad w/4x MLs (could go LCs, but MLs stay much more relevant against a unit of troops)



Things I'm looking for:

What weapons to arm the Tacticals with. (The sergeants of every squad of marines will have a SB, but that's more aesthetic than anything else. My opponents and my own sense of OCD are cool with that little proxy if they don't actually have the weapon)
How people feel about MLs vs. FMLs, and whether to combat squad the unit splitting the heavy weapons up essentially for spliting fire purposes. Tank Hunter makes 4 shots overkill in a few circumstances.
If it's worth it to give the Libby the SE for EW. 4+ Deny the Witch rolls are nice, but I rarely if ever face someone who uses psykers at this point.

and most importantly:

What to do with that remaining 130 points!

The special weapons for the Tacticals will come out of that, but even then I'll have almost 100 points left. I do generally face a lot of fliers, and have considered buying a Hunter tank to hang out with the Dreadnought and Devastators behind the ADL.


Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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