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Didn't want to much time to pass between updates so here's a quick one to keep the plog going.

Originally Posted by Jacobite View Post
Another army? You are worse than me! Forge Lord is looking good. I'm interested to see what you will do with that shield.
Yeh, and that's just 40k, you know...? Watch this space I guess ;) We'll see how long it takes before I run into hobby fatigue... The Forge Lord is not a priority at the moment. Working on some other conversions right now (White Scars mostly) along with planning for the third project...

Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Awesome work as usual. Did you make the haft for the chain axe yourself, or is it from an independent trader? Makes the axe look much better.
Indeed I did. It's brass rod cut and sectioned like that. It was fiddly but worth it in the long run. The haft itself is almost indestructible now though which is good, but I don't know how stable the construction is at the top (specially the connection to the little blade) though but it feels rigid enough. It was mostly out of necessity simply because the axe had a HUGE mould misalignment destroying the haft.

Originally Posted by Asamodai View Post
Traitor Legions don't normally do it for me but I'm really liking the conversion work you've done on these. Looking forward to seeing some colour.
These aren't fully traitors yet (or are they?). Might take on this particular "company" that I'm building is that they are mostly Terran Marines still and that they are somewhat agnostic in their approach - doing the bidding of their Primarch but having a mind of their own (at least the Praetor and his closest advisors). I would imagine that they broke off after the heresy and pursued matters of their own making rather than trying to uphold some heresy or terror ideal. Scavengers. Seekers. Predatory Survivors. Now I'm just rambling.

Maybe you'll like my Mk 6 heavy White Scars better?

Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
The overall effect of the forge lord is pretty good, but I think the servo-arm is too spindly for the rest of the model.

It looks like it might break off if he isn't careful walking through a doorway.
I like the spindly look. I would imagine the arm would move out of the way should it be close to hitting a doorway, I would also imagine that the doorway would be the one getting boo-boo in that confrontation but what do I know?

What I'm debating right now is actually adding another arm on the other side of the miniature, two of those spindly arms might make more sense in a practical manner, no?

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
It's been a fair while since i've perused this thread, had to split it up into 2 days to get through what i've missed!

Simply stunning work as always, this has to be the best project log going. I've alwasy had a thing for white scars so I can't wait to see the next update
And I haven't even posted that often lately so you've been a lazy boy indeed - but I forgive you!

I hope I won't disappoint you with my take on the Scars. As soon as I get some FW bikers I hope I'll be able to show them in their truest form!

Originally Posted by Lucarikx View Post
Awesome work as ever! I've been following this thread since the very beginning, so I finally decided it was time to stop being a lurker

Will we ever see the return of the Brethren of the Phoenix? I'll always remember them as the main inspiration for my BA army

Can't wait to see more!

Sadly the Brethren are on an indefinite hiatus for the time being. I'm keeping all the miniatures though so there is a possibility that I could return to them some day but don't count on it being any time soon. Still, thanks for the support and I hope you'll stay with the thread anyway!


Update on the White Scars test miniature. The process has been long for a the initial testing but the actual steps are fairly easy to follow. What I did find out is that the old Vanguard Veterans are just smack full of details, in fact so many of them that it becomes annoying. The good thing about that is that you can remove some of them without ruining the miniature and in a way that gives you options you didn't have otherwise. The downside would be that you can't place some of the extra bling yourself (unless you sculpt it, which isn't a thing most are comfortable with due to the scale of the details). Anyway. I want these guys to be rough, mid-battle, mid-campaign. I'm thinking Siege of Terra. I'm thinking post heresy gritty battles. I want to include as much mark 6 as I can possibly muster (and some of the older marks) as if they had time to resupply just before being called into the final battle. I have no clue if White Scars actually did have any particular access to Mark 6 during the end of the Heresy but I don't care - I just need an excuse to make these miniatures - use up a bunch of plastic miniatures that I already have and get a decent Codex Space Marines army going while still being able to use them as an adversary to my Heresy Era Night Lords (I have a friend that enjoys playing marines but doesn't feel like building an army of her own of them so she can use one of them while I use the other and if we switch things should even out as we play and discuss what to add to each army at what time).

I like how the White armour came it. It's a fairly easy process. Next step would be to add more red detailing (ie more tribal markings (this miniature has some but it doesn't show on this picture). I think it would be smart to add those directly after the white armour is done. Just use some masking tape and spray them on with the airbrush then continue with the weathering to tie everything in.

More to come on this particular miniature once I finish his jump pack. There is also more strange things on the horizon. This plog will branch out in many different directions as time goes on. So I hope you're not only here for space marines (that is all I can say for now)!

Till next time
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