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Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post
May I have the Phaeron moved to open rp's please?

Also, in light of the workload this will entail, may I suggest rather than have a section of dead and finished rp's, that these simply be removed altogether from the list?

Because that part seems like a lot of extra work that ultimately is not really needed.
I'll fix that for you right away!

As for the dead and finished- initially I wanted them there just to show people's work, similar to the Compendium in the Original Works section. I might end up postponing or flat out removing the dead RPs but those that were finished I'd like to show, so people coming to the site, those who were around to take part, or just interested readers can see people's them, whether to appreciate all the work done by player and GM alike in creating the story, or to see examples of the complete story people are trying to tell.

Really I just feel like all the effort and thought put into these threads, some of them going over 50 pages, is part of Heresy's history, something that's worth keeping around rather than forgetting about it once it's passed to the second page. And if it's shown here, then that just makes it all the easier to access.

Just my opinion on it.

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