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Name: Sergeant Gaius Valentine

Home world: Cadia

Age: 26

Role: Sergeant Cadian 375th

Appearance: Valentine stands at 5'11 tall and is broad in the shoulders. He is a broad, strong and very muscular man who is better suited to endurance and feats of strength than to short bursts of speed. This has given him the nickname "Baby Astartes" amongst his friends.

He wears his dark brown hair cropped short in a military fashion and has the same violet eyes as all who come from Cadia. His skin is slightly tanned from many days out in the sun. He has a strong squared jaw line and a tattoo of the Aquila on his left pectoral that mirrors the one embossed on his armour.

He wears standard Cadian pattern armour and fatigues in the colours of the 375th though the Aquila on his chest and helmet are blacked out in regimental custom. He also has standard Cadian issue webbing.


Valentine is a soldier and he is damn good at his job. Like all Cadians he joined the white shield platoons in his teenage years and whilst there won his first regimental hand to hand fighting competition later he was selected for the 375th upon graduation.

He has fought in 2 previous campaigns, once against heretic forces in the Cadia system where he was one of 2 to survive his squad. He spent the rest of the campaign as a member of an ad hoc veteran squad. His second campaign brought him face to face with chaos space marines and the living dead in the vicinity of the Goideler system.

Valentine loves soldiering but prior to leaving Cadia his sweetheart fell pregnant. Having won 6 regimental titles and 2 inter regiment titles in hand to hand he is hoping that he can use his r and r time to perfect his skills and make it back home as an instructor where he can find out if his child lives and pass his knowledge into the next generation of Cadians.


Valentine is easy to get along with, he isn't a fan if brown noses or people who put down others to improve their station.

He always looks out for his men and is reluctant to see life wasted.

Valentine is slow to anger and had often said that he does not start fights but he finishes them. He usually lets his stature, bearing and reputation do the talking.

Above all Valentine is a soldier and a professional. He has been fighting and soldiering since he was a white shield at 12 years old. He has seen the horrors or war, chaos space marines and once he fought a pack of the living dead, something he hopes never to see again.

Was has pushed him, he faces another 20 years soldiering or, if he can he will win the next inter regimental competition and return to Cadia and meet his child.

Cadian pattern armour
Non issue gloves with re-enforced knuckle area.

Cadian field webbing containing ; water, spare ammo, compact field shelter(sheet that pops up, fits into a pouch) personal first aid pouch, a couple of emergency ration bars, modified hip scabbard for his short chain blade.

Non issue Short pattern chain sword

Back pack with spare power cells, spare chain blade for sword, sharpening stone for bayonet, water bladder, spare batteries for radio squad radio, emergency ration bars, lighter, rifle cleaning kit, spare boot laces and waterproof fatigue jacket.

Last of all. Aquila neacklace!

Dark Angels 5th Coy 1.5k - 0-0-0
Vampire Counts 1k - 1-1-0

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