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Name: Viktor Reinhold

Age: 29

Allegiance: Independent

Appearance: Tall and with a slim build, Viktor is fit but not particularly muscular.


Background: Born a noble on the forge world of Magnos Omicron, Viktor was raised in the lap of luxury. As the firstborn son of the family, Viktor was educated from a young age to inherit his fathers business.

The business was in weapons, his family was the single largest supplier of arms in the sector. Viktor got to know all about every kind of weapon out there and became so dedicated to them that he would often take to working on the factory floor himself, much to the displeasure of his father.

But with success came many enemies, the family was set up and accused of supplying Chaos cults outside the sector. Viktor's parents knew full well what the outcome of the trail would be and decided to sneak their children off-world. Now a fugitive, Viktor thought that maybe he could still carry on the family business, as an illegal arms merchant. He has since taken to just being called Corran Lars.

Presently Viktor is stuck on the world of Necromunda as both his goods and his ship have been seized by the Enforcers. Fortunately Viktor is not without options, the bounty on Ripjaw should prove to be more than enough to 'Reacquire' his possessions.

Personality: Viktor was taught to be very adaptable for the sake of business and can put on different personas to fit in with certain groups but really he is more the cynical, sarcastic type.

Combat: Viktor was raised to be able to fight with sword and sidearm, he prefers to be up close and personal. For this reason he has also taken a liking to auto-guns.

Wargear: Sword, stub gun, auto-gun.

This thing is a little harder than I thought but I think I could get used to this.

Thought process for making my character >
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