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Originally Posted by xAngelicZ View Post
I am interested in joining up, but being new here i'm not quite sure what kind of format the roleplay will use, generally free form? Or something more rigid??

Also I was wondering what kind of role the priest would play combat-wise. The whole support the spiritual morale of the troops part isn't so much an issue.

The format for the RPs is almost always consistent here- the GM will make periodic updates which give breath to the plotline, inform(subtly or directly) players what their characters might be doing, etc etc, and then the various cast members of the RP will make their post.

How you phrase and deliver your post is of course entirely up to you, though there is a rule saying you need to at least give some substance to your post. It's not entirely strict, more just a style bred out of trial and error, this one seeming to work.

As for the priest, I'm not the GM or anything, but I assume that even if he/she wasn't a combatant beforehand, they would, as many characters in many settings of many backgrounds have done, try and fight for their survival in whatever way they can, if their player wanted to play them that way.

It's up to you! That's always been my view on things, anyway.

Don't worry about being new- Heresy's a pretty welcoming place. If you have more questions, there's the GM, mods, other posters(including me!) to ask.

(Sorry about the long post. Rants aren't usually my thing. )

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