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Originally Posted by emporershand89 View Post
If you spin a good story, and plan things in advance, your thread will not die. Threads tend to die when you rush, force players down an unwanted/boring path, or take to long to keep the flow of the game. Take it from me personally, take your time and make an epic adventure; not a rushed parody.

If you need advaice ask Darkreever, he knows this stuff like the back of his hand.

He's right about that. The pace of things does tend to slide on the slower slide, especially in the roleplaying forum. Real life and different styles of writing can put a damper on quick posting.

From the bits I've seen so far, though, the story seems to be interesting, the GM highly capable, and the players interested. Give it time, man. Patience is a virtue, egg and the chicken, all of that nonsense.

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