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Default Space Marines 1000pts

CT: Iron Hands

Chapter Master - Shield Eternal, Artificer Armor, Power Fist - 225

Scouts x5 - Camo Cloaks, Snipers - 70
Scouts x5 - Camo Cloaks, Snipers - 70

Ironclad - x2 Heavy Flamers, Drop Pod - 180
Ironclad - x2 Heavy Flamers, Drop Pod - 180

Assault Squad x9 - Veteran Sergeant, x2 Lightning Claws, Drop Pod - 193

Hunter - Hunter Killer Missle - 80

I will always try to go second. Two Ironclads come in my first turn dropping next to, and flaming, squishy squads or things that can't deal with the Dread's, scouts hole up in buildings for the 3+ cover, and if they get shot at too much, have them go to ground for 2+. While my opponent has to deal with two Ironclads, next turn, hopefully, I'll get my assault squad in to take on the enemy warlord or other beefy squads.

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