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Originally Posted by Awfun View Post
If you haven't seen this already then allow me to introduce you to Papa Nurgle himself
Hey Awfun, and fellow heretics. As a matter of fact I have seen his work and admire it a lot. Unfortunately I am not that way gifted in the artistic side of things, but I try to put my own into my minis.

Originally Posted by Saintspirit View Post
perhaps its face could be made a bit more detailed
Saint, I know what you mean, but from a distance, it looks decent enough (for my standards anyway - but i am always trying to improve my painting with each mini)

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
My only suggestion would be to add a bit more colour to the base - it might just be the light but it looks very flat compared to the model. A quick drybrush over basing material does wonders to bring out the detail.
Varakir, I did this base, along with my cultists, with GW sand and tufts of grass. Since then I have been using the Stirland Mud texture paint. It's on the list to scrape off and re-do with the paint to fit it into the scheme of my army.

Thanks Khorne, Wookie and Blighted for the comments. Appreciate it. More pictures to come today.

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