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Name: A5H-Worm (A5H Pronounced Ash)

Age: 23

Allegiance: Ratskin

Appearance: A5H-Worm stands just over five feet tall with black hair and dark brown eyes. His skin is pale and tightly pulled over a thin athletic body. Thick, ragged, and stained worker breaches cover his legs, and pair of well used combat boots (taken from a dead bounty hunter) are either warn on his feet, or hung from a leather belt. He has a pair of thick fingerless leather work gloves that he wears.
As is the custom of warriors in his clan A5H-Worm has a great rat pelt. This black pelt is warn over his back. His chest has several ritual scars, and marks from the hectic life of the Underhive. He has a bandoleer of shotgun ammo with several trophies that runs from his right shoulder to left waist. Only on the coldest of days does he wear a torn dark grey oil stained vest (taken from a noble who was dumped in the deep hive). A5H-Worm paints his skin with thick grease or oils found in the underhive making him very hard to spot in the darkness.

Personality: Quiet and patient best describe A5H-Worm. He believes in a natural justice that only the Mother Hive can bring, and one must be prepared for it. The young warrior is distrustful of newcomers and often speaks in short sentences. A5H-Worm hates wastefulness, and those with no respect for the Mother Hive and her sacred places.

History: The child born to a small tribe beneath Reactor A5H was given his name when an passing patrol referred to his tribe as, “A bunch of worms. They wouldn’t be worth the shells to kill them.”

A5H-Worm has spent his life learning about survival in the Underhive as his tribe moved. He became a brave at the age of 16 when he single killed a dire rat. Within the last two years he has began serving as a scout to the ‘Up Hivers.’ He still has no real idea on how thrones work.

When the bounty for Ripjaw was announced A5H-Worm quickly noticed how many Up Hivers began to come. Despite his limited knowledge of thrones A5H decided to join. If people were willing to kill each other for this man then there would be something for him, bodies with items were as good as thrones in the Underhive.

Combat Behavior: A5H-Worm prefers to use the Hive itself against his foes. He uses a series of sudden assaults designed to pick a foe apart. These ambushes often last no longer than it takes for him to empty both barrels of his shotgun, or make a slash with his blade as he sprints past into cover. If forced into a prolonged fight A5H-Worm constantly moves, never giving an easy target.

Sword- A length of black steel the length of A5H-Worm’s forearm with a leather wrapped handle this weapon is kept as sharp as A5H-Worm is able.
Stub gun - Taken from a dead body this revolver has been painted dull black and kept in a belt holster.
Shotgun – A breach loaded double barreled shotgun that has been wrapped with stained cloth.
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