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Sweet, Necromunda.

Name: Tarquin Hansar

Age: 25

Allegiance: House Van Saar

Appearance: Of middling height Tarquin is lean and fit; the result of an insufficient diet, the cramped conditions of a Hive and long hours fighting and running. He keeps his brown hair cut short and spiked and a very short beard, little more than thick stubble. He wears amber tinted goggles over brown eyes and seems to be always puffing on a lho-stick.

Like all Van Saars in the field Tarquin wears a bodysuit. His is black, with reinforced sections on the knees, elbows, shoulders, chest and abdomen. Patches of the lighter sections underneath change to a dull red as airborne pollutants are detected.

Personality: Calm and laidback, Tarquin approaches situations logically, preferring to use wits over brawn. Though sensible and intelligent he is also laidback, a witty quip or sarcastic remark ever ready to spill from his lounge. Insecure; Tarquin is easily provoked to jealously or resentment, feelings he with cover with a façade of indifference.

History: Born to menial parents working in the high tech manufactoria of House Van Saar, Tarquin was expected to do as his parents did; work himself to an early grave. That was not to be however as by some quirk of genetics Tarquin was born with a fierce intelligence, one which caused him to find the tedium of manual labour repellent and enabled him to claw his way up from the bottom.

Wanting more in life the young Tarquin saw that those with power enjoyed the good life. With power came wealth, women and followers. To attain power you needed money. To get money on Necromunda you needed to be able to fight. Fighters were noticed, people who used force were able to exert their will on others.

So Tarquin became a fighter, at first running in street gangs with other hab kids, then graduating into a solider for the larger gangs and cartels of House Van Saar. As a young man he fought as an enforcer with others from his House against any who threatened the interests of House van Saar. Life was dirty, dangerous and exiting.

Tarquin slowly worked his way up the ladder, earning his superiors trust and favour. Until that is he charmed the wrong girl. Who he thought was a local hab girl turned out to be the kid sister of a local boss. Some thought it was hilarious, more were friends or allies with the boss. Soon there were areas of Van Saar territory it simply wasn’t safe for Tarquin to go.

Then came Ripjaw’s escape and a fat 1,000,000 throne reward. A million thrones could go a long way; it could buy him pack into the good graces of his house or perhaps he could start his own gang, there’s not much a million creds doesn’t get you.

Combat Behaviour: Tarquin prefers to engage at range and favours stealth and cunning manoeuvrers over the direct assault. The ideal enemy is a dead enemy, one killed before he even saw you. In combat he will situate himself in cover and provide accurate fire with his lasrifle, trusting in the weapons power to punch most men off their feet and reduce their flesh to red ruin. Used to the Van Saar way of war he enjoys meticulous planning and co-ordinated attacks. It is not enough to outfight the enemy, one must out think him.

Wargear: Knife, Laspistol, Lasgun.

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