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Name: Aldegar Rafe

Age: 34

Allegiance: House Goliath

Appearance: A walking wall of flesh if ever there was one; standing at a massive height of just over seven feet tall and nearly as wide, Aldegars tanned body is packed by muscle, scars, and tats of mostly crude design. His head sports a mohawk common of those associated with house Goliath, died a dirty blue to match his eyes. The rest of his face and head are a testiment to a life in the pits, old scrapes and scars marking the flesh in a variety of ways while his squat nose has been broken more times than he can count and more than a few teeth are either broken or missing.

Most of Aldegars frame is covered by torn trousers and a rough vest, both ringed with chains as either intimidation or support, or both. His feet are clad in rough metal capped boots, tipped with crude spikes. Both of Aldegars arms are bare, to expose their muscle, except for his arms which, like his clothes, are wrapped in chains.

Personality: Cruel and blunt are words that can sum Aldegar up best. The brute of a man derives a measure of pleasure from causing others to suffer, more so when there is money involved. Much of this comes from his long dead former owners, who had been planning to use him as a pit fighter and hunter of escaped slaves.

History: Not much can really be said of Aldegars past, bought in his youth by pit slavers and initially used as little more than practice for the actual fighters. A tenacity to simply not die, and at times to actually cause harm to other fighters, resulted in him being trained as another destined for the pit or to put down others who needed it.

In his later years, Aldegar was taken by his masters to track down an escaped slave, simply due to the two knowing one another well enough. Though Aldegar did just that, an ensueing firefight saw his minder outright killed and his owner wounded by the escaped slave. Taking up his minders shock maul, Aldegar proceeded to beat his soon to be former owner to death and taking what little the man had on his person. When approached by the slave they had been hunting, Aldegar quickly did him in, if only to kill off anyone who knew where he had come from.

From there Aldegar initially worked as a thug for some of the lower gangs, eventually elevating himself up to bounty hunter (self proclaimed) when he had the chance. And for him, life has never been much better.

Combat Behaviour: While no frothing berzerker, Aldegars grasp of tactics is generally limited at best. If he can cause his prey to suffer, he will aim to do so; unless he is angry in which case most things in his way won't be breathing for much longer.

Wargear: Large calibre stub revolver, shotgun, two handed axe

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