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Name: Kumil Naktar

Age: 38

Allegiance: House Cawdor

Appearance: Kumil stands at a height of 5' 7", and chooses to clad himself in thick swathes of cloth robe that belies the carapace chestplate over his breast, and the multitude of weapons secured across his body through bandolier and holster alike. He isn't particularly well-muscled, his form more wiry than stout, though not quite skeletal.

As most of his House, a mask is secured over his face at all times, spread across his entire visage and offering some tricks of it's own, such as air filters within the breathing tubes and headlamps built into it's design.

Personality: Kumil is possessed of House Cawdor's innate fanaticism, despising any who he views as going against the Imperial Creed, even going so far as to serve the Emperor's Justice by his own hand. This inevitably leads to problems if he, for whatever reason, would come to work with such abominations as mutants, heretics, or any who mock the Emperor with their pathetic lives.

History: Born into the rank and file of House Cawdor, and therefore the Redemptionists, the preaching of the Imperial Creed has washed over his mind since before he can remember, and he has forever been marked as a loyal servant of the Emperor's will.

When the Pit Slave Ripjaw escaped and began spewing his vile threats across the hives, Kumil saw the heretic for what he was. By slaying the servants of the Houses and vowing his vengeance upon even House Cawdor, with all of it's righteous duty, his nature shone true. Slaying Ripjaw is his holy duty.

1,000,000 credits didn't sound too bad either.

Combat Behaviour: He prefers to stay away from the front lines as much as possible, keeping at a distance and picking off his enemies through a scope. He prefers to assess a situation before acting whenever possible, forming a strategy that takes out as many who stand in his way as possible before moving in.

Leave no survivors is one of his favorite sayings.

Wargear: Knife, Laspistol, Lasgun.

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