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Default Manhunt (A Necromunda RP)

On the planet Necromunda, in the vast city of Hive Primus, lies the Underhive, a polluted and lawless area plagued by constant violence. The Underhive is home to a collection of gangs, mutants and many many more undesirables, and Guilders simply looking to make a profit from this rotten hive. While the violence has been kept under control by a uneasy ceasefire between the five Houses, there is tension rising that is just waiting to explode. This is not helped by the recent escape of the famed Pit Slave, Ripjaw, who lead a violent breakout out of the fighting rings and into the Hive Bottom, a stinking, diseased pit that only the desperate will find shelter in. Ripjaw had also sent out a threat before disappearing, vowing to have his revenge on the Merchant Guilds, and most distressingly, the Houses that sent him to the fighting pits in the first place.

Because of his reputation, a large bounty has been placed upon his head, for the the prize of 1,000,000 credits to those that came back with his head. However, this task is easier said than done, as not only do the hunters have to brave through whatever challenges the Underhive and Hive Bottom has in store for them, they will also need to face Ripjaw himself, a gigantic behemoth of a man, who has killed more than anyone can count.

It is up to you whether you go through this alone, or to forge alliances to better your survival.

  • No Godmodding
  • At least 2 paragraphs every post
  • Update once a week. If you fall behind on posting too much, your character could very well die
  • Stick to the character sheet
  • Respect fellow players

Character Sheet:

Name: (Obviously)

Age: (How old they are)

Allegiance: (One of the five Houses, Scavvie, Ratskin, or Independent)

Appearance: (How your character looks like)

Personality: (How do you interact with others? What do you like or dislike? What are their inner thoughts?)

History: (The character's background)

Combat Behaviour: (How they fight, their tactics)

Wargear: (Choose one from each, you will get more advanced weapons as it goes on)


Stub gun
Handbow (Ratskin only)

Primary Weapon
Musket (Ratskin only)
Blunderbuss/Scattergun (Scavvie only)

Hope you enjoy!

1. Kumil Naktar (VixusKragov)
2. Aldegar Rafe (darkreever)
3. Tarquin Hansar (Rems)
4. A5H-Worm5 (G0arr)

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