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My Character

Name: Sergeant Cormac Ẹghan

Homeworld: Goidelaer II (Aoisaech)

Age: 27

Role: Goidelaer 102nd (Sergeant)

Appearance: Descended from the hardy Aoisin line, he bears their traits in full, eyes like the sun's glint off ice staring out from a face marked a dozen times over with inks in various symbols and imagery. Crimson hair lies tightly braided in bands across his head, bound together at the back into a ponytail of red dreads. He stands at 5' 10", rigorous training and a life spent hunting through the forest granting him a body corded with muscle and trophies of battle, an ugly, rending scar marring his left side with raised, flaming tissue the worst of the trophies.

(I attached a pretty close approximation of his appearance, or at least as good as I could get with the DA:Origins character creator.)

Personality: Honor and loyalty to his clan and battle-brothers frame his actions, traits which have extended to his life within the Guard. Loyalty to his squad surpasses the contained wariness he feels around the Colonial troopers, and he would gladly take their place in death.

Despite such loyalty, he speaks very little to those from outside the Aoisaech clans, and when he must, it is a short conversation. His life is devoted to the lessons learned from early trials, a warrior born and bred, living for battle, with disdain to cowards and politics. This fervor is tempered little by his relatively young age, striving to prove himself and earn honor in slaying the enemies presented.

Background: Born within the Aoisaech clans, he fought by the side of his clan-brothers with zealous intent, every hunt a test of his skills and worth, every battle the chance to earn his place in the stories of old. When he was chosen to join the Guard as some are when they come of age, he resented the decision, wishing to remain on his homeworld and run with his clan until he earned a good death.

It was one he had to deal with though, and it didn't hurt that he was never far from the fight. His risky behavior has earned as many small victories as it has injuries, but luck has held out for him so far, his hard service eventually earning him a place as Sergeant. He's followed the Aoisin Captain dutifully for as long as he's been part of the squad, and when disaster strikes on Goidelaer II, he's ready to fight for the world of his people, against whatever may come their way.

Wargear: As a Sergeant, he's gained access to a prized Power Sword. He kept his own las-pistol, however, not trusting the 'plasma pistol', it's volatile nature known as yet another of the Imperium's odd technology. He, as many of his clansmen do, wears Aoisin chainmail, stained red and green. He also carries a bow with him, his one prized possession, given to him when he was declared a man of his clan. He's scored numerous kills with it in previous engagements, and he's taken to saying he can fire it better than any Guardsman can fire his lasrifle. The authenticity of this boasting is, of course, debatable.
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