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Originally Posted by Over Two Meters Tall! View Post
Excellent perspective. In rereading, I can't quite tell if the ritual was a Chaos cult, as described by Hoji, or if it was some off-the-map Flesh Eaters ritual being led by one of their more out-there Chaplains... although from the description, it does sound more like a Chaos Space Marine leading the ritual on first read.

I like how you're casting the Alpha Legion as the defenders of humanity, although most of the prior descriptions of the AL Astares has them festooned in spiky bits or at least showing some sign of corruption from Chaos.
Ah that's my lack of finesse. As it's told from the perspective of a non-Imperial human, the implication was that even a loyalist marine would appear to be a complete menace. It's a cult of Sanguinius - all Imperial of course - and as you say, a Flesh Eaters ritual by one of their more out there representatives.

The Alpha Legion in this case was that of the portrayal in LEGION by Dan Abnett - the ultimate double agents as it were. There is a clear philosophical distinction to be made between humanity and the Imperium at large, just as there is between the Alpha Legion of the Great Crusade and the generic spiky bad guys in 40k. There are many shades in between and I like the exploration of at least one faction that perform their own form of extremism in the Emperor's name.

Thanks for your comments everyone, I've made a couple of changes to make it less confusing.

The Emperor upholds a teleological scheme for the future of man, unifying and perfecting humanity through the intense application of martial violence, and I will endeavour to uphold it.
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