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Safety and sanctuary, gale hadn't lied. safety was indeed found in the vehicle bay and the armory. as the events unfold dozens of civilians are herded under the makeshift walkway and into the vehicle bay lifts to be lowered down into the rest of the complex and to their homes. after several hours the storm seems to break and the lights finally revert to blue, and then finally white signaling an all clear. the ice storm had moved off into the distance and left the base in proverbial ruins, but it had survived. techpriests, servitors, even simple miners now rushing into the open from varous buildings to repair the damage done to the base... but no amount of repair could undo the damage to the governor's tower.

"Thank you children of the emperor" came a voice over the vox "Thank you for your service, your bravery, and your honor. when all who are in need of rescue have been rescued, please return to the vehicle bay doors. We must make preparations for the coming assaults from the xenos. " the voice was farther gale again, and he spoke true; they needed a plan of action so they could hold out, so there was still someone left to save by the time the rest of the imperium came to their aid.

================================================== ========================
All of you Save for the sentinel pilot
.: Now that all of you are at the amory (or will be come this update) Please select a wargear upgrade form the following list and either replace it or add it to your character chart. this is first come first serve for some so please discuss in the OOC thread.

LasLock Revolver (cold weather pattern): Pumping all of the energy of an entire battery into a single shot. the laslock revolver is substantially more powerful than standard las pistols. unfortunately it hasn't caught on in the larger scope of things in the imperium despite being produced in fair numbers. Some dont like it because it only has 6 shots, others have something against it because it's twice as heavy and bulky as a standard las pistol, and some just dont like the cartridges that act as the pistol's batteries. for whatever reason this gem of Imperial ingenuity packs a punch.

Twin linked Las carbine(cold weather): there's a clear reason why these things aren't normally chosen by guardsmen. ammo consumption. the twin linked carbine is easily capable of dwarfing the fire rate of a standard las rifle, but it can still only hold just as many shots. great for when you need to put a lot of rounds down range in a hurry, not so great for prolonged engagements.

Blessed Stub gun(cold weather): with the choice between stub guns and lasguns, most people go with las guns for the ease of coming by more ammo. just plug it in, and you're good to go after a bit. But these stub guns are a little more potent than their common brethren. This blessed stub gun sports a set of purity seals as well as an inscription "The emperor protects, but more ammo never hurts". when pitted against other stub guns, the blessed stub gun somehow always outperforms them.

Heavy shotgun Bulwark pattern: Bulwark is one forge world that has a nasty habit of producing some of the ugliest guns the imperium ever created. and the heavy shotgun from them is no acceptation. it's a gun only a veteran could love. two sets of double barrels sitting on top of each other with a shaft connecting to each barrel for more ammo. bulwarks are known for two things, ammo capacity, and how damn ugly they are. The bulwark has the ability to store upwards of 24 rounds in total, six shots stored in each shaft alongside the barrels. on the outside this seems like a good idea, lots of ammo for a shotgun, but here's the kicker, it can only fire all four barrels at once, hence why it's not normally chosen, most troopers dont want to deal with the kickback.

Canister Pistol: the biggest beafiest pistol in the armory is the canister pistol. single shot of pain, doom, and destruction. anything hit by this is going to have a bad day. Designed to hunt large scates of 24 feet plus, this thing is a proverbial hand cannon. it doesnt shoot las rounds or stub rounds, instead it fires off cilindrical canisters of varrying kinds. the favored however is the good old frag rounds. nothing says pain like an air burst of shrapnel.

Chain Shovel: Sometimes regular shovels just dont cut it. in those cases most people on geminar go for the power shovels. quick, easy, and they have the bonus of having a power field. Then there's some people that go for the chain shovels. it has the iconic roar of a chain weapon and none of the cleanness of the power shovels. some people just like it messy.

Flamer: there's a perfectly good reason this isn't normal taken out of the armory. it melts snow, melted snow refreezes rather quickly on geminar. other than that it's your standard flamer.

Joric Talund : your transport gets dragged into docking bay D12 behind the other sentinels. as the pilot bids farewell you and your lot are finally free of the storm in earnest. though as you lot exit the transport you hear a thump to your side. turning you see a white cap who had been with you. the boy had fallen flat on his ass as he looks in terror to the large dead skate in the hanger. the thing was literately right next to the transport's exit so he'd gotten out, turned, and stared the front of the skate straight in it's remaining eye before stumbling back and falling. in true PDF form though he had his weapon up and ready to fire, and you could see him squeeze the trigger but nothing came from the weapon, he was empty. your group moves to help clear out the emergency repair stations for vehicles, carrying out debris and fallen over crates of gear. a little later you hear the thunderous stomp of several sentinels as they rush another towards the bay you've just cleared. the sentinel is bellowing out smoke and even you can see the hatch had been dented by the ice to the point it couldn't be opened from inside.

Anthony Lecutis:

Oliver DÝvig: as you make your way along the wall, a large chunk of ice impacts it just ahead of you knocking you back with the blast of shrapnel. as you lay there you can hear something all too familiar from behind you. skates, young ones swimming through the snow. they swarm towards you and though you find yourself trying to get up and get away from them, the snow keeps you trapped in it's thick powder. the ray like creatures swarm over your body, one even stopping to look you in the eyes as it opens it's maw and preps it's tail, but it suddenly stops, turning to look behind it and then leaps off of you and into the snow, the lot of them swimming away. looking towards what scared the skates away you aren't sure if you're hallucinating. a priest with a psycker comes walking up towards you. you can see the heavy impacts of child sized chunks of ice hitting something that you cant quite see as the psyker simply bats them out of the air or just catching them with his mind and tossing them aside. "is this our fallen child that you sensed Yuri?" the priest would ask, the psyker merely nodded as you feel an unseen force lift your body from the snow and the ground, levitating you in the air enough for you to right yourself. "come child" the priest would state with a warm smile "come to the armory, your brothers and sisters need you" with that you're lead to the armory where a medic quickly rushes to your side to check you over.

Boris Kavrov: you enter in through the D12 docking bay just as the heavy weapon ceases fire. of the sentinels yours is the first one in the bay, though it seems to want to topple over from the battle damage. somehow you keep it upright and stable, the machine spirit warning you of countless parts about to catastrophically fail. the red warning lights are flashing, that little siren is blaring and crying, and generally it feels as if the sentinel is on it's last legs so to speak. other sentinels come by you on either flank, the lot of them seem worse for ware, some even start smoking and bellowing out plumes of smoke and sparks. you press on with your sentinel, moving deeper into the armory and stepping around the massive skate that was just slain. you and the other sentinels restore some amount of functionality to the armory by lifting up debris and generally making new doors with your drills so trapped civilians can escape. it's when you're drilling through a magnetically sealed door to free some people that your sentinel's cockpit area erupts in a plume of foul smelling smoke. though you press though it, eventually freeing the civilians. leaning back in your seat smoke stings your eyes and it starts to hurt to breath. try as you may you cant get the emergency hatch open. sensing your plight two sentinels with their power lifters still intact move to you and drag your sentinel over to the emergency repair lift. as you feel the sentinel being locked into place you hear the emergency hatch being torn off letting the suffocating smoke bellow out and escape. a large mechanical arm reaches in through the opening and drags you out of the sentinel. finaly you can breath good clean air! well as clean as it's going to get with your sentinel bellowing out smoke like it is, but at least you can breath. the man who pulled you free is Techpriest Vladimir, one of the elder techpriests that tend to the sentinels. he doesn't say anything but he beckons to several servitors who come to start mending your sentinel. knowing the fighting is only going to get worse you spy several heavy weapons sitting on the wall of the repair bay and you beckon to vladimir, instructing him to install one of the weapons on the sentinel.

(choose one from this list)
Las Cannon: Standard issue Sentinel Las Cannon adapted for cold weather.

Milti Laser: Standard cold weather multi laser for Sentinels or armored vehicles.

Heavy Bolter: Cold weather heavy bolter for sentinels

Twin heavy stubber Auto turrets: These aren't exactly favored by sentinel pilots. Using the same sort of machine spirits that other auto turrets do in the imperium, these things are mounted just where other ranged weapons are on the sentinel, on the chin. sure it lets the sentinel engage multiple targets at once, giving some good covering fire if need be, but many people still have a stigma against stub guns. the good thing is, these things come with their own ammo forge, just pile in scrap into the intake and out comes more ammo for the guns.

Jewels: you turn around as you hear the massive docking doors to D12 open just as you had the civilians start to close the doors. looking on as the civilians stop even without you having to tell them to, they look on in awe as several sentinels step inside. the one in front looks beat to hell and back. the battle scars of tyranids leaping at it's view port to try and kill the pilot seemed to be a badge of honor on it as well as the dents and gashes it's suffered from the storm. other sentinels march on in but dont seem to have faired as well. some have their arms ripped off, causing showers of sparks. others seem to explode into smoke prompting the sentinel pilots to open the hatch and drive as they stand up in the sentinels. turning round once more you go about ordering the sentinels to where they need to go. the lot of them seem rather polite to you, reconizing as you asserted yourself that you're someone they now look to as "in charge".

Gordon: you follow some of the sentinels as they move to helo "open" some of the magnetic doors that didnt want to open. the first few open fine and good after some debris was moved and the sentinels drilled their way through, the trooper with you moving to help some of the civilians find their way to the pathway to the vehicle bay so they could go down inside the complex to safety. things seem to go rather well for the most part. debris is cleared, doors are opened, civilians pointed in the direction of the vehicle bay lift and so on so forth... that is until one of the sentinels bends down to drill into the door after it's just been cleared. you hear a loud boom and then feel a shockwave smack into your chest. looking back and up you see the sentinel bellowing out smoke though the pilot presses on to open the door despite being smothered in some of the blackest smoke that you've ever seen. the civilians are whisked away from the sentinel as most troopers in the area begin to fear it will fall, some even calling out a timber warning. as an area around the smoking sentinel opens up you see two other sentinels rush up to it as if charging into an enemy hoard before lifting it and dragging it towards the emergency repair bays.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender. for it is better to burn out than fade away.

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