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Gordons feet pounded against the snow, his legs screaming in protest as he pushed himself harder and harder - the beast was behind him, he knew it - he wanted to turn and fight, but he was only a man - and a single man could not take down a beast such as this, even with the hallowed lasrifle he held in his hands. Suddenly, Gordon could make out lights, not large lights, but noticeable, he recognized it - it was the Blizzard lights that every soldier had on them. The lights were bouncing up and down, as if motioning downwards - aiming in his direction. It came to him at the same moment that he dived forward, they were motioning him to get down. Lasrifle fire flew over his head, impacting something behind him and receiving a roar in response. Gordon turned over, firing at the beast that had followed him - it was the wounded one, limping from a nearly removed leg, but still fast enough to keep up with him as he sprinted with all he had - and it was probably ten feet away from him.

So Gordon held down the trigger, the combined fire smashing into godforsaken beast as it attempted to catch up with him, and most likely remove him limb from limb. The beast fell forward onto its face, Gordon didn't care, he continued to fire in his laying position, sending lasrifle fire into its body until’ his gun clicked empty. It was reloaded quickly, before he pushed himself onto his feet, just as two men passed by him, shortly followed by a third., aiming at the beast they had brought down. Gordon followed, staying a safe distance behind the front two soldiers, and standing next to the third. The two troopers in the front reached the corpse, firing a shot into its head for good measure. The corpse twitched, and Gordon yelled a warning, before his face broke in shock as the trooper on the left had his leg removed from his body by one swift swing. Blood splattered onto Gordons face, barely missing his eyes. The resulting scream of pain was horrifying, but Gordon fired into the beast, the lasfire slamming into its eye, the third soldier joined his barrage.

Another claw bisected the right soldier on the sagittal plane, before the claw dropped to the ground, the beast apparently dead. It didn't matter, the damn beast didn't stay down before, and he wouldn't take the chance again. He finally ended his fire when his gun clicked empty, promptly shoving another clip in. The man with his leg cut of had stopped screaming, and Gordon couldn't help but wince as yet another loyal soldier of the Emperor died. Gordon stepped carefully to the man on the left - noticing faintly that the man was cut cleanly, showing both sides of his internal body. Gordon couldn't help but feel a bit sick, but he was using his ammo to damn quickly, and grabbed the poor mans bandolier of ammunition before stepping back, pulling off his helmet as he did so, just in time as vomit flew from his mouth.

Gordon held onto his knees, sick from a mixture of the running, intense fighting, and death he had seen. It stopped as quickly as it had came, he dry heaved a few times, before pushing himself off, he had to keep moving, he had to kill as many of these frakkers as he could.

Abruptly, Gordon’s Vox caster activated.

"And The Emperor has laid down his protection upon us people of Geminar! It was he who summoned the wrath of the storms to protect us in our time of need and slay the heretics, the mutants, and the wretched xenos who would take this planet we call home from him and his glory! Rally onto the Vehicle bay his children and be blessed with salvation from the cold and from the ice, Rally onto the vehicle bay In his name!" for many the call of gale was a welcome one. "Now hear my words children of the emperor, For they are the words the emperor wishes you all to hear! the Xenos have fled! they have turned tail and run back to the depths from which they have came in their misguided and misjudged attempt to take us in one fell swoop. Blessed be the emperor and his divine wrath that he brought down upon the xeno filth. All available troopers are to report to the armory, For your sister needs you children of the emperor! She has found our brothers and sisters safe and sound within its hallowed walls! Go now and make haste! In the emperor's name protect us and guide us to victory my fellow children! In the emperor's name he protects and in the Emperor's name he destroys! May the emperor grant our fallen Governor eternal peace at his side for his valiant sacrifice in his name; And let that sacrifice never be forgotten!"

Gordon couldn't help but smile, the words of Father gale bringing a smile to his face, his previous disgust and sickness disappearing entirely. “To the armory?” the surviving trooper asked. Gordon nodded “Aye.” Gordon turns and jobs back towards the vehicle bay, spitting on the corpse of the beast as he passes, despite his earlier thoughts, Hales actually had a plan, and had not simply ran away, it made him happy to know that they could kill the beasts, over sized or not.

“This is trooper Juliette in the armory. We have a possible skate breach. Requesting all available assistance.”

Gordon hit his vox caster on, responding quickly,“on our way M’am.” It was always good to be respectful he absentmindedly noted.

The doors of the vehicle bay where being swarmed, Gordon absentmindedly noted, Guardsmen attempted to keep order, but it seemed to be barely under control. Gordon and the other trooper pushed through the civilians, making to the armory. Men and women cried, some trying to stop Gordon, but he kept going - no matter how much he wanted to help these people, the safety of all came first.

Gordon pushed past a persistent civilian, trying to find the armory. all of a sudden, Auto gunfire came from his left - ah, that must be it. He pushed through the crowd, following the loud sound. He finally shoved through the last civilian and into the armory, the sight could be described in one word - pandemonium. Civilians crowded in corners while a female trooper -probably Julliete - yelled orders, some civilians held guns - terrified, and the target of the autogun lay dead, a twenty four foot long skate, riddled with bullet holes.

Civilians glanced at him with wide eyes, and Gordon himself glanced down to see what they were staring at. Oh, he was covered in blood from the two soldiers, he reached up to his face and rubbed off the cold blood - he had forgot to do that, before making his way to the female trooper. He glanced back, yup, the other trooper was still following, he was coated with a light layer of blood as well.
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