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"And The Emperor has laid down his protection upon us people of Geminar! It was he who summoned the wrath of the storms to protect us in our time of need and slay the heretics, the mutants, and the wretched xenos who would take this planet we call home from him and his glory! Rally onto the Vehicle bay his children and be blessed with salvation from the cold and from the ice, Rally onto the vehicle bay In his name! Now hear my words children of the emperor, For they are the words the Emperor wishes you all to hear! the Xenos have fled! they have turned tail and run back to the depths from which they have came in their misguided and misjudged attempt to take us in one fell swoop. Blessed be the emperor and his divine wrath that he brought down upon the xeno filth. All available troopers are to report to the armoury, for your sister needs you children of the emperor! She has found our brothers and sisters safe and sound within it's hollowed walls! Go now and make haste! In the emperor's name protect us and guide us to victory my fellow children! In the Emperor's name he protects and in the Emperor's name he destroys! May the emperor grant our fallen Governor eternal peace at his side for his valiant sacrifice in his name; and let that sacrifice never be forgotten!"

Though he was never one for the Imperial creed, Joric could not deny that the old Priest's word provided a sense of security and relief in the heart of this mess. He looked around at the other troopers with him in the wreck. All but one were quite young; he reckoned that they were at least 17.

"I don't know about you guys, but old Father Gale's speech was actually quite rousing."

The boys, clearly frightened, simply nodded, or were simply trembling from the fear that coursed through them. The older trooper, who was probably in his 30s, responded.

"I concur, all it takes is the word of him on Earth to stir the hearts of the faithful."

Joric cringed slightly, the thought of dealing with an Emperor basher at this moment in time was rather inconvenient. This all changed when he noticed a glint in the older trooper's azure eyes, assuring him that it was merely an act to calm the younger ones in their group.

"What is your name? I may know your face but who you are is unknown to me."

The man chuckled.

"'Names Einarth, Einarth Hrornov...yours?"

"Joric Talund, but just all me Joric or Jor if you wish. How about the rest of you?"

The younger PDFs responded: Meryn, Vladek, Antii and Jussi were what came out from their mouths and began to suggest tearing apart the barricades to break free. Before the blonde could respond, the rain of ice grew intensity prompting the younger troopers to fall to the floor with hands on their ears. The wrecked hull of the transport sounded unable to withstand the frozen torrent. Then, to make matters worse, something started to bang against the transport. The troopers began to murmur with panic, each giving voice to the fears that lurked in Joric's mind. It could have been more of those creatures, or very opportunistic skates looking for a tinned meal. Lasgun readied, he was prepared to face a death, better a quick on from the skates than slowly bleeding to death from impaled ice. Then something began to feel unusual, Meryn spoke.

"Errr Joric...I think the ice is moving."

"Or maybe we are."

He replied; in response a voice blared through their vox packs. It was a Sentinel pilot, ordered to retrieve the improvised shelters and drag them back to the vehicle bay. Chuckling with joy and relief with his fellow troopers, Joric spoke into his vox caster.

"Copy that! Thank the Emperor you've come!!"

When the sky falls down, The Dead sleep no more. Can you survive as your world slowly tears itself apart?

"When life gives you lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"
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