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Boris sat in his Sentinel, braving the ice storm for what seemed like eternity, praying to the God Emperor that he would survive this. As the storm died down, Boris heard something through the vox. It was Father Gale! Though Boris could not hear him clearly, the fact that there was still someone out there leading the planet's defense force. He once again took control of the Sentinel when he suddenly noticed something on his view port. A skate! Boris attempted to reach for his shotgun, but the skate managed to jump on the Sentinel and sent it's tail at Boris' head, piercing the Sentinel's armor. The tail narrowly missed him as Boris had moved his head to the side. Yanking on the skate's tail, the creature pulled away and fled from him, learning it's lesson.

Boris couldn't believe it. The skates chose the most inopportune time to attack, that was for sure. The machine spirit of the vehicle pointed out a rally point to Boris, the docking bay of the armoury where a collapsed beam caused a long list of problems. He moved the Sentinel with some difficulty due to the damage it took from the monsters and the storm. The Sentinel stumbled around as Boris attempted to keep it stabilized, nearly collapsing when the Sentinel almost lost it's footing.

After a bit of pain and frustration making his way to the destination, Boris finally reached the armoury which was in complete disarray. He manage to catch sight of a group of Sentinels moving towards it. Boris decided to follow them into the armoury, they probably knew where the others needed help. Stepping into the docking bay D12 with the Sentinels and a platoon of guardsmen, Boris spoke into his vox to anyone inside.

"This is Boris Kavrov of the 3rd Geminar Armoured Company. Where do you need me?"
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