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Default US vs UK: Tactical Trends

It seems to me that there are some distinct differences in the tactics used by different factions in the US vs the UK and I wonder if anyone else has observed this and could make some sweeping generalisations about this?
I find it fascinating.

To make one quick example, I am in the UK and I recently returned to Eldar (I am mainly a Necron player since forever) after a break of several years. Everyone loves EMLs on Wave Serpents here, it is the bee's knees (and bees must have nice knees because that is where they carry their 'soon to be honey'). But all the comments I see here from US members are "NONONO! EMLs are soooo expensive - use Scatter lasers to make your shuriken cannon and serpent shield twin-linked - it is uber sweet" etc. etc.

So, has anyone else noticed some big tactical trend differences between different parts of the world?

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