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Juliette’s fingers tapped repetitively on the pump of her shotgun. The hail was battering the ceiling like a drum, but Juliette didn’t even hear it. Her mind was too focused on the jobs at hand. Many of the passageways had been unblocked by the worker teams that Juliette had devised and most of the civilians were free. But still no one had come to them. No a single damn one of the soldiers she knew had come to their aid. *What is taking them so long?* Juliette shut that door in her mind. To go down that route would lead her to questioning if there was anyone who could help. She would start to question if they were already over run. If the despaired, there would be no one to hold this rabble together. She had to hold it together. Still the tapping of her fingers continued as her eyes blankly surveyed the hoard of civilians.

“Ma’am?” A voice snapped her out of her self-evasion. She looked at him. He was a teenager, his body still undergoing stress from its metamorphosis.
“What?!” she snapped at him and they both grimaced at the harshness of her tone. She sighed, trying to vent and unwind her straining nerves. “What?” she repeated, so soft she almost purred it. That wasn’t intentional, but it was better than biting the youth’s head off.
“We found some material when freeing some of the others.” Juliette cocked her eyebrow, signalling for the boy to continue. “A two flamers, ten lasguns and an autocannon.” Juliette smiled. If anything came for them, at least they would have more than her shotgun to defend them, even if those weapons were in the hands of untrained civilians.

As the winds of fate changed, Juliette heard the voice of Father Gale over the armoury’s vox. "And The Emperor has laid down his protection upon us people of Geminar! It was he who summoned the wrath of the storms to protect us in our time of need and slay the heretics, the mutants, and the wretched xenos who would take this planet we call home from him and his glory!” Whilst Juliette was never one for particular displays of piety, someone being in command was something she did relish. And the words he spoke, for all of their religious jargon, lifted Juliette’s spirits. “Rally onto the Vehicle bay his children and be blessed with salvation from the cold and from the ice, Rally onto the vehicle bay in his name!" Well, for there to be anyone worth rallying to, others must be alive. That in itself was good news.

A chorus rose from the masses. They knew they were saved. Juliette was not so certain. All it meant was that they weren’t doomed, but they were still far away from being saved.
"Now hear my words children of the Emperor! For they are the words the emperor wishes you all to hear! The Xenos have fled!” Another chorus of cheers, and this time Juliette added hers to theirs. If nothing else, they had a reprieve. However, as the Father spoke more words, another sound resounded through the armoury, one that made the taste of joy turn sour in Juliette’s mouth. It was the sound of screaming. “Oh, come on!” Juliette roared to herself as she made her way to docking bay D12.

“Holy throne…” Juliette said. The magnetic door to docking bay D12 was locked shut, but the window told Juliette everything she would know. A 24ft long skate had burst through and was about to make a meal out of the civilians that were bolting for the door.
“Blessed be the emperor and his divine wrath that he brought down upon the xeno filth. All available troopers are to report to the armory, for your sister needs you children of the emperor!”
“Damn fucking straight she does! Get your asses here right now” Juliette shouted down the vox. “Where is the boy with the material?!”
“Here ma’am.”
“Bring it to me.”
“How much?”
“All of it, Emperor damn it!” she spat at the youth, no longer caring whether he baulked at her tone.

“She has found our brothers and sisters safe and sound within its hollowed walls!” Juliette laughed at the words. They weren’t safe here. “Get those doors open!” someone yelled.
“No.” came a harsh reply. Everyone looked at the one who spoke it with disgust. The only one with any military training made the most difficult call no one else here could have.
“No? What do you mean no? They will die in there if we don’t open it.
“If you open that door we will all die, do you understand?!” The screams got louder and the first of them began hammering on the door.
“We can’t let them die!” Juliette snarled as the weapons were brought to her.
“I wasn’t about to. Everyone, grab a weapon. I want that autocannon set up five minutes ago!” The sound of screaming and hammering was getting louder.

“Open those doors now!” The group around the door opened it and panicked civilians poured in. “To the left! Out of the way you dense fucks!” Juliette roared as her and the men she had handed guns to open fired on the skate. It was moments away from the door as las-shots, shotgun shells and torrents of flame struck and scorched it. It reeled back under fire, away from the flames and bullets and lasers. “Now!” Juliette shouted. The autocannon opened fire down the hallway as the last of the civilians fled single file down the left of the corridor, unscathed by the fist sixed bullets which found their mark in the massive skate. “Cease fire! Cease fire!” Juliette called out over the roar of the gun. The skate was dead in the hall, its body torn apart by the heavy fire of the autocannon. Everyone was silent for a moment. “Everyone alright?” Juliette cautiously asked. There was a murmur. “Three dead when the skate first appeared. Two more who fell behind.” Juliette nodded. Unavoidable, but she doubted many would see it that way. But she was not answerable to them. She did what was best. For a third time she spoke into the vox “This is trooper Juliette in the armoury. We have a possible skate breach. Requesting all available assistance.” She sighed. “Close that damn door.” She barked. Other soldiers were surely on their way. They should arrive before anything else had a chance to go wrong…

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