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As the reinforcements enter the frozen fray the doors to the vehicle bay slides shut behind them.inside order was begining to be reestablished. over the vox network the welcome voice of command breaks through. the sonar stations signal that the invading tyranids are in full retreat now in order to escape the storm. aparently they dont have the numbers with the storm going on to sack the base and have retreated. the person regaining control of things was none other than the charasmatic priest Farther Gale.

"And The Emperor has laid down his protection upon us people of Geminar! It was he who summoned the wrath of the storms to protect us in our time of need and slay the heretics, the mutants, and the wretched xenos who would take this planet we call home from him and his glory! Rally onto the Vehicle bay his children and be blessed with salvation from the cold and from the ice, Rally onto the vehicle bay In his name!" for many the call of gale was a welcome one. "Now hear my words children of the emperor, For they are the words the emperor wishes you all to hear! the Xenos have fled! they have turned tail and run back to the depths from which they have came in their misguided and misjudged attempt to take us in one fell swoop. Blessed be the emperor and his divine wrath that he brought down upon the xeno filth. All available troopers are to report to the armory, For your sister needs you children of the emperor! She has found our brothers and sisters safe and sound within it's hollowed walls! Go now and make haste! In the emperor's name protect us and guide us to victory my fellow children! In the emperor's name he protects and in the Emperor's name he destroys! May the emperor grant our fallen Govoner eternal peace at his side for his valiant sacrifice in his name; And let that sacrifice never be forgotten!"

as the vox went quiet blizzard lights lit up the battlefield, punching through the snow and lighting up the area that was once cloaked in nothing but darkness and snow. docking lights began to flash red near the vehicle bay doors as well as the armory building to guide troops to these positions. finaly after a few moments the massive vehicle bay doors opend once more, and marching out of them came several sentinels armed with two power lifters clasping makeshift shields to help form a line of cover from the vehicle bay to the armory's main entrance. the worst seemed to be over, but how long would it last? how long untill the xenos were back? only time and the emperor knew.
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some of you
: please actually react and post your reactions to the above, and not just leave it out. this isnt for all of you, only some of you.

Joric Talund : The sound of the ice storm rages on like the wrath of the emperor himself. but just when you started to think the vehicle was going to give way under the barrage of ice and whatever else lurked outside, The voice of farther Gale breaks over your vox units in stereo. his voice and his words seem to rally your new found companions. as some of them debate tearing down the barricade the transport you're in lunges some. you hear two massive smacks into the front and sides of the transport. fearing another attack from the beasts or a bunch of skates seeking to take advantage of the situation, the lot of you ready your weapons... skates didn't care about ice and that barrier meant nothing to them. but just as one of your men was beginning to mutter he saw something in the ice you feel movement, not on your person but in the transport. that's when it dawns on you, something's dragging the transport. breaking over your vox you hear the voice of a sentinel pilot who was in charge of retrieving the "make shift shelters", he's dragging you to the vehicle bay.

Anthony Lecutis: the group of troopers you took command of cheer as farther gale comes over the vox. as you near the vehicle bay you see it's massive doors open and a load of sentinels carrying makeshift shields march out and take position. the lot of you rush towards the lift to take cover under the newly formed shield walkway. many of the men rush off under the walkway towards the armory to help with the situation there...

Oliver DÝvig: The position in which you are hiding only offered a moderate level of protection. from down inside your shelter you find yourself looking at a steadily and quickly rising mound of snow at the entrance. with every passing moment it gets noticeably bigger threatning to trap you inside the shelter. that and the problem of large chunks of ice impacting the area was creating several problems, A shrapnel, the icy shards of ice were a problem, B it was compacting the ice and reinforcing it, digging out with even the power shovel would be a bit of a problem in a bit, and C... you'd be trapped. but there were several positives to this, you wernt outside and now farther gale was coming over your vox caster. though midway through his speach you feel something large and wide smack into your back only to find a strange sensation in your clothing as the area around your neck contracted and shook a bit like a dog with a chew toy. second later it strikes you, SKATE! there was a blasted skate on your back trying to make a meal out of you! you have no idea where it's tail is and that nasty little thing can cause dire problems! thankfully the skate had bad aim with it's initial attack and instead of biting on your neck, it was now biting the fuz of your collar thinking it was your neck.

Boris Kavrov: Your sentinel begins to flash warning lights, the damage it was sustaining wasnt making the machine spirit happy in the least. but just as a massive chunk of ice nearly knocks the sentinell off it's feet Farther gale comes in over the vox. it's as you're righting yourself after that close call that you find something stairing back at you through the view port. It's a skate! the cheeky little bugger was watching your fight and chose now of all times to make itself known. leaping at your sentinel it clings to the front, wriggling it's way up to rest ontop of your vehicle as it jabbs it's long stingray like tail in through the view port. luckly for you this is a well known tactic by these little blighters. dodging your head to one side you miss getting a stinger through the eye by mere inches, and instead grab it by the tail. a good squease and yank is enough to cause it to panic and flail. letting go of the tail you see the creature dive back into the snow, the burrow pattern shows it's learned it's lesson, at least for one on one. the younger skates were always trouble makers, too young and too bold to know one on one with a sentinel is a bad idea. normaly the tactic wouldnt work but the warriors sure caused a lot of damage, not to mention they broke through the view port's shield. as you listen to the rest of the priests's words, your machine spirit lets you know of a new priority rally point, it urges you to go to the docking area of the armory to free trapped civilians.

Jewels: As you go about organizing and watching over the civilians many people start to cheer and suddenly go quiet as they hear farther gale's voice over your vox caster. some start shouting to others that help's on the way and the general mood in the area dramatically improves for the civilians... that is until you hear a large crashing sound and sudden screams of panic and terror. as you listen to gale you rush towards the commotion to find one of the magnetic doors still sealed shut, but through the window you can see a massive skate trying to chase down and eat a group of trapped civilians. for the moment the only thing keeping them from being eaten alive is the emperor's good grace as they seem to be just one step ahead of the beast, but you know once it's done with them, it will have no problem breaking through that magnetic door and window and making a meal out of the rest of the civilians. it suddenly dawns on you that you're going to need a bigger gun as the thing stands a good 6ft tall and is easily 24ft long not including it's tail. why oh why did these civilians have to get trapped in docking bay D12?

Gordon: a short bit of fighting with some gaunts who broke through the lines ends abruptly as they turn tail and run, making fetal attempts at dodging child sized chunks of ice. then as you're beggening to wonder what's going on you hear farther gale's voice break over the vox. moments later the vehicle bay doors open once more with sentinels marching out to form a shielded walkway from the storm. rushing along it you find other guardsmen flocking inside the armory heeding gale's voice to aid the civilians inside. most seem calm and safe now, but there's the sound of panic from near the back where jewls went.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender. for it is better to burn out than fade away.

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